December 15th, 2002


Advisement, JOHD old friend...

I thought it be a very fair warning that I am about to dump... over a years worth of information to you.  This is the most I have ever written to you in one sitting.  Technically, it shall not be one sitting... I have been compiling this information to you through Dexter in a long time.  This is information that spans... a lot of lost memory.  Also, unfortunately, as I have already stated to you, a few times Dexter has died and information has been lost.  Other times... my own procrastination has caused the problem.  One of the strengths of our lasting friendship is that you remember everything for Madd.  You even remember things for other people.  You have helped me in ways that go beyond understanding.  This is going to be a big one.  Unfortunately, the plans to catch up today have been changed.  I wish to tackle it all at once.  The movie of the day was later than I had anticipated.  So... instead, I shall give it a little more time.  I recognise the challenge, to complete updating before the end of the year, and I have faith that there shall be no issue doing that.  I look forward to this JOHD.  More than talking to sewcute... more than talking to Gretl... more than hanging with Myles... more than my video games or even Samus.  I look forward to this with great mind set.  I was at work, and realized... wow... I am finally going to do it.  Despite the many issues that I have, JOHD... the massive problems and things that have destroyed things that I have love, people I have cared for, relationships, items, memorabilia... I will do this, and win.  So look for it soon... if I were to take a stab, I would say... well... within about a week or so.