October 16th, 2002


A Distance Madd Smoke on the Horizon

Ah... Madd, ole' bud... you have lost a lot of rules. You had sex WITHOUT a condom, you had sex without birth control... you have drank while driving... you gave into drug experimentation... you have slept with people you said you would not... you have lost your mind through the winds of time... yet... one rule... one rule you have NOT given up, no matter what human has come across your path... you don't associate sexuality with Pink Floyd.  In recognition of your valient efforts, I wish you award you with something truly grand.  My utmost graditude and thanks.  It makes up for the memory loss, the procrastination, and everything else on this planet that you were stupid enough to do or try.  It makes up for you being human.  As much as you are human, you have two traits that far exceed those that humans carry around everywhere they go.  You have lived true to THIS rule, and you have maintained your honesty.  I wanna be like you when I grow up.  You inspire me in a world where humans think for no one but their own selfish self.  A world where the self rules, you take the self and apply it for the good of... that special goal.  Don't let the human world taint you any more than it has, and take the poisons that flow in your body and purge them... for good. 

Oh Maddness!!  You *do* know how to use that brain of yours, and I shall help you.  How does that sound?  After 27 years, I will help you attain what you have been wanting to attain so badly that you can TASTE it.  Mmm... the Iowa Chop of Life...

Rock on, Sir Maddness...
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