September 10th, 2002


I'm Lost

Hey, JOHD, that would make a pretty cool song, eh? I'm hot, sweety, and not using nbsp; again. Maybe it is due to laziness or something. I'm kind of lost. I am not sure where I went. I keep thinking I know and then... gone again. It is not a bad thing, nor anything that any human should ever worry about, however, it is something I should think about. You know... if I know so damn much like I tell myself, then why oh why am I having issues that are still here? If the mind is truly the source of great power, able to do anything, then what is the reason I cannot correct my own issues?

Blah... I should grab a beer, but I think I should sleep instead. I'm happy I was able to save Dexter. YAY!

Yeah... time I get back to some basics again. I do not feel so lost anymore, but explain me this, JOHD. Why in the world do I continue to double space after a period when I know it will not be there later? I just don't get it.
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    Link's CPU and the beer fridge