September 8th, 2002


Thank you

Humans, I thank you for keeping me honest in regards to JOHD.  I would not write as much as I do if it was not for a few of you who always ask, "So when you gonna talk to JOHD?"  I appriciate it more than I think I can express with words.  Maybe I can express it with sex?  hEhEhE!!  Well, not any more, I am listening to the mighty Pink Floyd.  Defenders of classic rock, and rulers of the ear drums of millions.

So yeah, JOHD, I know.  I have some unfinished work to do.  I am thinking of a good time that I shall be able to do this, since this is a MUCH bigger and detailed quickie than 4 months.  I am projecting about possibly three hours.  Well, I am on to ebay to spend money that I should not, hahaha.
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    "Trial, The" - track 12 Pink Floyd's The Wall (r)