August 26th, 2002



JOHD... what do you get when you give me some nice sized breasts... age me about 4 years... turn me into a woman and make me slightly more attractive?  You get a mirror.  A very different kind of mirror, JOHD.  You know, I really wanna work on my spelling.  I think I will... oh my gosh... i just said my birthday is December 24th. My word... I think I'm in pain.  Okay, I am better now.  {yawn} I am a bit sleepy.  Darn, i just realized I have OT today... I think... no, I know it is only 1 hour.  I just might make it there yet.  Hmm... what is today... the day of understanding... no... wait... it's Monday.  No one understands anything on Monday.  I get most of my "wonderful" customers.  That and late night Friday.  Why can't people pay their bills and not call repair screaming at me?  Oh yeah, because they are human, more so than not.  Sure, JOHD, I am human also... but I am a little above taking my issues out on other people.  That much I can say.  I am hungry, I can say that also.  Life is good, JOHD.  I have a lot of writing to do, and not just to you.  I have some writting to do for madd.  I also have some writting to do for... hmm... I have this strange feeling that I am being watched...


{scanning complete}

Aye, JOHD, I was, mwahaha!!

Okay... hunger grows more so than other body parts... so... time to go yum.

Master of Maddness, signing off......
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