April 30th, 2002


The Doctor Takes Over

Dr Madd's Log, Maddate 020428.77:

     Greetings, JOHD.  I am here to express some concerns I have in regards to the Madd collective.  Lately, I have discovered some interesting happenings that are drawing massive concern to me.  Running many scanning and diagnostic testing, I have uncovered massive errors in programming.  Errors have been detected in sexuality, logic, physical motor, memory, emotional, time management, humility, motivation.

Sexuality Programing

     There is either an increase with the ammount of testosterone currently in the system, coding is in error, or other programs have interfered with the current cycle.  Lately, I have noticed an increase desire for sexual activities.  It is noted the last time we have had sex was Feburary 15th.  It has also been noted that this increased craving for sex has been happening before Feburary 15th as well.  This dictates that it is not a matter of going any certain periods of time without sex.  Of late, it has increased many times more.  One thing I have noticed is the decreased play of Pink Floyd.  To this point, Floyd still remains the dominate program.  Sexuality is neutralized while Floyd plays.  Sexuality is actually something very simple to correct, seeing that Floyd remains a higher priority than sex.  Just increase the ammount of Floyd played.  There are many ways to make sure Floyd plays.  The only exception at this point and time is while working.  Since Floyd may not be able to be heard twenty four hours a day, it is important to find any possible conflicts in the actual sexuality programming and anything else that may be interfering.  Looking at basic animal sexuality, it is shown that animals instinctively have sex.  Cats, for example, are programmed to go into heat.  It increases that cats will have sex, thus, prolonging the feline species.  Humans are similar.  Seeing a naked person, talking about sexual activities, increases the release of hormones into the blood.  It ensures that humans thrive as a species.  We are currently infected by this programming.  Attempts to remove the programming completely are not currently sucessful.  Floyd coding is the only thing that currently override it.  Since I am unable to remove the actual procration coding from the collective, then I should look into other ways to override the actual coding itself.  Game coding is another possible addition.  Of course, it does not help the actual ordeal of work.  So I shall have to research the roots of sexuality and procreation coding more.

Logic Programming

     There have been failed logic function calls.  Quite a few of them lately.  It is important I find out what is causing the logic requests to fail and correct them.  For some unknown reason, things that should otherwise be ruled by logic are not working.  Many of the other programs we have experienced were due to a failed logic function that should have worked.  The errors are unknown.  I will be forced to work extra hard to find the flaws in the code.

Physical Motor Programming

     At first, I thought the physical programs that the collective had been experiencing would be near impossible to correct.  Anything that deals with something out side of mental is not my cup of tea.  However, it dawned on me that the way to win the physical errors we have been experiencing would be to establish a routine of exercise.  A good plan should take care of the majority of the current issues.  I think this all started on Feburary 15th.  The ability to sexually act was unbearable.  I could not support my own weight for any extended periods of time.  Another time was when we went to hug buddy.  We were literally shaking, and she could feel there was no energy behind it.  We just... couldn't.  When last NoFear was over, and attempting to play that game, even though we were fighting illness, there was just a loss of power.  Almost instant.  The air hockey also showed problems.  Unable to really smash the puck due to lack of energy.  Not to mention, we should not be getting sick in the first place unless it is due to exterior chemical reactions.  Working out would solve this problem, thus, it is important that these activities be explored.  Working at Wal-Mart, we were able to move around a lot, take heavy boxes, lift them, etc.  Now we sit at a desk.  When we come home, we sit on a computer chair.  There has to be a compinsation for lack of physcial activities.  I shall come up with a plan.  I feel that a few trips to the Y could come in handy.  If it works out right, and there are enough trips, we get a membership.  The best thing they can offer is swimming.  Swimming is a very healthy activity and we have always enjoyed it.  Push-ups right after wake as well as a few other times could also help tremendously.  A jogging plan should also be laid out.  With the toys we have, taking a trip around a few blocks should be a cake walk.  Also, I think it is time we invest in a bike, and ride to work every day in stead of relying on car pooling or Alex.  Save Alex for fun longer adventures.

Memory Programming

     This is the most difficult of all programming to control.  What makes it so difficult is due to the actual structure of the brain.  Now, there are ways to increase memory, however, we are facing a problem that I think I have finally figured out an answer to.  Lately, memory has been an increasing problem.  Things get lost, and things are forgotten more easily.  I think this is due to aging of the brain in males.  Some time around their 30's, human males start to lose functionality of the brain.  This is because of the actual physical layout of the human brain.  Now we all know the brain is able to do anything.  I feel it should be able to repair itself even though medical science would agrue that point.  We have seen 5th Dimentional thinking in action, and know the powers of the brain.  It will be important to focus some 5th Dimentional thinking towards restoring memory.  Due to a few other programming errors, memory has suffered a lot.  Besides memory, we have the ability to store and document events and things that require storage.  However, these toys are not being utilized.  Procrastination is the biggest problem with this.  Procrastination also is destorying memory.  It also is destorying us finacially as well as socially and many MANY other ways. 

Emotional Programming

     I fear that the physical aspects of the brain discussed with the memory programming are also playing a part in errors detected in emotional programming.  Being emotional just does not flow to the collective as easily as it use to.  We have not cried as much as in the past.  Things that would move us can almost be phased off.  I feel a lot of this deals with another program being overly stimulated.  Humans have attacked us a *lot* in the past.  Some have flat out attempted to destroy the collective.  EGO defense mechanisms went into effect, and some of them are still there.  It is like putting up a firewall because someone keeps attempting to hack into your system.  You block out that hacker permenately, however, you end up blocking things you wish not to.  These EGO defenses are doing just that.  I am not sure how to shut them off, and honestly, doing so would not be a good idea.  To shut off these defenses would leave the EGO exposed and would make destorying it simple for anyone who came along, even if we did not know them.  I know shutting it off is not an option.  When the EGO was exposed more in the past, and attacked, it brought out depression and suicidal thoughts.  These two programs are massively damaging to all other programs.  Happiness, logic, time management... everything.  However, on the other side, there are some things being blocked that effect others.  Doing so effects the Mirror Effect.  Changes in the Mirror Effect could negatively effect everything.  The solution is to set up this internal firewall to allow some things to flow in and out without alteration.  Sending out X amount of love should result in the exterior seeing X amount.  At this time, it is X - B.  In other words, it is important I change the programming.  There are two things working against me, however, I feel I can overcome this.

Time Management Programming

     There have been many attempts to change the error in this program.  It is something that has been a problem longer than I personally have been around.  It is something that got away from me when I came around, and now it is well beyond out of control.  The time management program is most likely the second most important programming that we have to overcome.  Errors in time management have cost us a great deal.  Finacial loss, relationship problems, and happiness are just a few things that have been effected.  Time management can be achieved through the help of Dexter and Mobile.  Of course, errors in a few other areas effect time management.  However, the coding to time management does require being changed.  Something that I have found from playing CCTP and also work is using a mental queuing system.  The mental queue could even be used on different mediums, most noticably electronical.

Humility Programming

     Just recently, an error with humility has been detected.  I am not sure where the error came from, but it was not too difficul to spot.  There was a time hanging out with Sparky where bragging well exceeded anything in accordance to the usual humility

programming.  Also, Sam at work mentioned something about Madd and not being very modest lately.  There have been other incidences that I am unable to recall, but know happened regarding this situation.  Also, it is a rather recent thing.  The possibility of being tainted due to human contact is possible, however, it would not be acceptable.  This should be one of the more easy programmings to correct.

Motivation Programming

     JOHD, the current errors detected here are such that they effect everything else.  Procrastination protocol is embedded in motivation programming, and for some reason, function calls to procrastination are well off the charts.  I have attempted in the past to override the calls to the function, but unfortunately, the hits get rerouted there.  It is almost as if it was a virus more than a program.  Giving thought to that comment, there is a possibility that the procrastination function has mutated into a virus.  It can be found accessed through almost every single program and function that we have.  All current attempts to contain it have failed.  However, things are found that do stop all access to the function when it would otherwise be accessed.  One example of this, JOHD, would be attempts to clean.  For years, literally, we have attempted to clean up the Pad.  The best we got was Myles bachelor party.  The place was looking a clean that we had been shooting for.  In order to get the place that clean, there was a lot of work that had to be done.  Calls that would have otherwise hit procrastination went into motivation instead.  I sometimes wonder if procrastination has the ability to "learn".  I find something that can get around it, and then it finds a way to get around that.  If this is the case, it means each time I am able to get around the procrastination function, I will have to have a back up already set before it even comes back.  Think of it this way, JOHD.  You are in the future, and you are fighting something with a weapon.  There is a hive of these beasts.  When you attack with a weapon, after a while, it grows immune to it.  Almost like cockroaches to bug spray.  So what you do is have different weapons in reserve that way each time you notice they are about to grow immunity, you switch to a different weapon.  If you can continously come up with a new weapon, then you can always defeat the enemy.  So that is my plan.  It is easier said than done, I know, however, I think I am going to employ the help of a few others from the collective.  I can manipulate them into showing them they can get what they want.  Doing that, they will help me defeat a common problem.  Besides internal sources, I will also utilize exterior sources.  Humans, even.  So of all the programming corrections to make, motivational programming is possibly the most important and most difficult of them.  Of course, anything can be overtaken, that much I have learned.

In Closing

     I started this entry on Sunday.  Some things came up, most noticably a chat with Trigger followed by X-Files and then of course procrastination set in from there.  I am happy to report that I have already taken care of a few things, or at least, at the time it seems the programming for some things are showing signs of correction.  So I have things going in the right direction.  We started exercise and sexuality has been very well controlled.  Unfortunately, I wish to get this to you, JOHD, and time for work is soon.  I shall keep you posted on any further alterations as there are many things missed.  It was nice to have the chance to talk to you, JOHD.  Take care.  The Doctor is Out 0311p......
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