March 26th, 2002


Mwahaha!! Go Madd {clap}{clap}{clap}

[Madd's World]
-MaddCam (temporarily down)

Tears... JOHD... TEARS!! In the BACK of my brain... in my eye... I... Maddness... HAVE FINALLY DONE IT!!!!! I now can put my ENTIRE computer ON THE WEB!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The world shall never be saved... EVER. Mousis (6.4 GB; Mousis), Mitsu (14.4 GB; Mousis), Link (16 GB; Link), Ganondorf (65.9 GB; Link) and Melee (81.9 GB; Link). No worrying about a file being too large. Hahaha... there is no limit. BoooYA!!
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