January 29th, 2002


Falling off the Water Truck

"I will not apologize for who I am."

Madd's log, Maddate 020129.28 1156a:

     Arrrrrrggggggggg!!  Whoa, how did that happen?  Oh, there we go.  Yeah, it is working, but at the same time, it is being attacked, and is attempting to fail, so, I guess here we go again, but this time I have help, right?  I think so, I just tilted my head to confirm as such.  Wow it is cold in this room.  Do these windows really exist?  Is cold really a mood?  I think it is meant as something different that I have taken in, adopted, and transformed to my own liking.  I should have the right.

Work Quickie

     [EVENTS fri 1-25] Um... workity work.  Hmm... {sensors indicate an error with data collection.  Attempting to compensate.} Ah... I went to work.  I really did.  I had an issue with a customer.  He was not bad, we were just boning him as a company that cares for nothing but itself.  Yeah, well, this part of the brain is revolting, because I won't let a customer get boned on my shift... to my best ability if I can help it.  So I would take in this customer, almost like taking in a pet, only totally different.

Iowa Magnetism

     Well, here I am, on the road again.  Ah, how I love my kid!  May the good Lord always look out for him.  [EVENTS sat 1-26] Um... oh yeah!  Go mental aids!  I chatted with Maur.  It has been a long time since I did, and Riede was on, so we ended up in a chat together.  They were playing Crack the Gathering over computer.  That chat involved a lot of me telling Maur to come to Iowa to see me.  I added the exciting offer to pay for plane tickets.  I think I actually got his attention.  Well, I wanted to play Civ II however, Riede could not find his CD... er, actually, my burnt copy of the CD, and Maur was just not up to it.  So, I ended up going to sleep on the back eater.

Key to the Universe

     I woke up again!!  It is just so cool I keep doing this from day to day, ya know?  Also, there was something considerably wrong with my regular waking procedures.  Um... for some reason, there was an increased level of something in my brain.  As you can clearly see from Maddate 020126.6X, it was rather... an interesting boost of chemicals.  Ah yes, the usual "Are you on drugs?"  That gets so incredibly old so incredibly fast, to blame everything on something else like that, especially drugs.  Well, there were many chats and my mind happily played along side with these people of NY Friend, dITZ, Tina, and Starr.  They are all referenced as FO73, di110, MR26, and ST194.  Also, Mair called as you already know.  Now that my mind is functioning in a more tuned manner, maybe I can talk about it better.  I was in this very mentally different mood.  It is a mood I use to be in more often, however, something has caused that to slow down considerably.  Well, as I was being my natural self, Mair was attempting to stop me at many turns.  It was rather discouraging and I was actually looking forward to the conversation being over so that I could continue where I left off.  At least, I was hoping that I would be able to revert back.  Turns out I had no problem.  One thing noted is that the mind set really turned, and even converted back after talking with Mair, when I was playing an import song from Gradius III.  So I guess music is the key.

Stick a Cork in it

     Well, I took off finally from listening to the music over and over to go get Starr as chatted about.  Pizza it was, so I showed up at her place, and we took off.  She was not surprised at all to see Alex, and it made me think there was more than what met the eye.  I was correct.  Once again, someone has been talking to people without my knowledge.  You know, JOHD, if you are going to tell people things, you could at least think about telling me.  What's that?  Oh... well... don't ask me.  Hey, I am not!  I have limits you know.  Well, anyway, she did mention the fact she was reading your thoughts and she wanted to pick up Corka.  So we did and proceeded to Pizza Hut.  My mood would slowly deteriorate.  It was slow at first, but got larger.  They wanted to play Dismissed.  It is this game from MTV, the reason I have not heard of it, since MTV is possibly the worst channel on the face of existence.  I hope God does something about it, however, I do not think He will.  Maybe it is wrong of me to think in that manner, but, hey, am I not entitled?  So, after that, we took off and I started on my regular loop, only with two extra loads.  Corka was complaining the whole time, however, indirectly.  That is so terribly annoying, people who want something and never directly ask.  They have to beat around the bush.  I mean JOHD, it is rather simple.  You want to do something, then speak up, otherwise if you do not and someone else decides for you, since that is what you choose, then don't bitch about it.  At this point, the mood was lost.  Would it be lost for the rest of the day?  Time might tell.  So I dropped them off.  Starr, in her infinite wisdom, was able to detect a change in my mind set.  While I was okay when she asked me as such, at the same time, I felt my time wasted.  However, I come to realize that never is time wasted.  If anything, this would give me a valuable lesson to learn towards future events and future help.  Also, I think I learned something else.  If ever one wishes to get to know someone, whether it be for the first time or the millionth, one should do so solo.  No competition required.

How 'bout a Beer? SURTAINLY!! Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk, whoooowooowoowoowoowoowoo!!

     So I took off to Grand and was going to make my way to I-235.  I was intercepted by a phone call from dITZ.  She was talking about laser shows, and I informed her I thought the laser was still down, so, since I was at the Art Center, I decided to go to the Science Center and find out for sure.  Hmm... seems the show must go on after all, for they had fixed the laser and shows were continuing at 1130p.  Please note this 15 minute time difference, JOHD.  I will require its use in the future.  From there dITZ said she had a gift for me, so, I went to her place.  Gem was there and the gift was just TOO cool!!  It was a Three Stooges Bottle Opener, and the title of this paragraph sums up exactly what it says.  I detect an increase in watch batteries required, hehehe.  Well, I decided to play Super Smash Brothers with Gem for a while.  Then, Chris, Casey, and dITZ showed up.  Chris is her brother while Casey is her step.  The night is referenced as Train01.

Reclaiming Space

     Well, my concept of time is only slightly off.  However, at the same time, it is improving, just as I expected it to.  I went to pick up Mair since we were talking about a movie.  I decided to go see A beautiful Mind.  Why yes it is, thank you very much for the compliment, JOHD.  Speaking of concepts of time, I think it time I finally shower so I don't pass out from my own body odor.  This time, we shall finish this up after work.  Master of Maddness, signing off 1245p......
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