January 25th, 2002


When it Rains it Pours

[Madd's World Update]
- JOHD: Now JOHD can be accessed through two ways;

"When the sunshine don't work, the good Lord bring the rain in."

Madd's log, Maddate 020125.57 1146a:

     [EVENTS wed 1-23] Okay, yet another important but over-looked event.  I will get this down one day yet, JOHD.  Before going to work, I finally decided to pay for hosting of JOHD through LJ.  As far as the humans are concerned, this means I can make poles directly through JOHD and it means they have a different web address to reach him through.  As far as Madd is concerned, I can change the layout in more ways and now I will have access to the fast servers when I am viewing people's journals.  I paid for a whole year.

The Movie Qwest

     [EVENTS thu 1-24] Hey JOHD, guess when I made it into work?  Yep, about two minutes past.  Blah... one hour of OT before meaning no skipping through my lunch.  Nut bunnies.  Well, work went a lot better than it had been.  However, I know there is a way to get more tickets cranked out.  I think one way would be to stop being a SME to everyone else.  Speaking of which, SME Chris told me that her oldest had just listened to my message I sent Thu 1-17.  Mwahaha!!  Here all this time I thought I was the only one with a procrastination problem.  I am glad I am not the only one.  Mair went into another message session over the computer.  Also, she finally saw my new cut.  JOHD, you had been talking to her, but apparently you confused her.  hEhEhE... you take after me, you know?  Stating things cut and dry, and humans some how mix it up.  Do not ask me, I don't get it.  She hung out during lunch, in which I cooked the last of the chicken (two pieces).  Also, one time she had called, Wil ended up hanging up my phone on her on purpose.  For some reason, I found humor in the fact someone was dropped because of someoneelse and I did not do it.  Before the shift was over, Sam had told me to go watch Magnolia and explain something to her.  I called Myles and had him lay out some movies.  I would call back and ask Mary to leave out Empire and Jedi so that a bet could be solved between a friend at work and myself as to how it started.


     Due to the 2 hours of OT and me wanting to make it a short night, I did not take Alex on his usual drive.  Oh well... after work tomorrow I could really make up for it.  So I went over to Myles place.  Mary was sick and still up and we were watching a bit of Late Night with Dave.  [EVENTS now] So finally she headed off to bed, and I was in no hurry to move her, after all, she was sick.  I started watching what I thought was Magnolia, and it turned out to be The Beach.  That did not look as horribly bad as I had thought, however, the movie would have to be put on hold.  So, I watched movie: Magnolia.  Um... is Sam attempting to give me a mental hemerage?  What in the world had I just watched?  Now I know how people feel when they first watch The Wall.  This is a movie one would have to watch a few times to get.  I would do a review, but I am not exactly sure what I saw.  Something about a bunch of people... and... and... frogs!!  What is up with the frogs, man?!?  I mean... I... that is just not right, JOHD!  You don't have a movie like this, and have it 8 some hours, and literally throw frogs into the picture!!  Something about this movie was really wonderful, but at the same time... I just am not sure what I watched.  At the same time, I am not sure where the first and last parts of the movie fit in with anything.  Yeah, some time when I get 3+ hours to spend, I should watch this again.

The Hot Seat

     Arrgg... my seat has been feeling strange all day, is this hemorrhoids or something?  I do not know, but I was glad to finally get my bowel movement moving.  This strange feeling when I wipe... what is that?  Am I in trouble here?  Maybe I should not hold it for over 24 hours... maybe that is what that is.  I ended up staying over at Myles way longer than I wanted to.  Darn it!  No!  This was similar, but different, to the reason I did not want to go over to Mair to play Tetris.  Well, added to the fact almost every time I go over there, she nags on me when I attempt to leave and that irritates me.  As the bowel movement proves, when one has to go...

Killer Frog Feet Kill Insane Humans... Film at 11

     What was that crazy strange dream I had?  Did my overly powerful stench from my feet cause crazy dream to be erased, or are the thoughts of zillions of frogs clogging my brain?  Darn you mind!  I know a dream is not real life... I know it does not exist but, ah!  Thank you.  Let me see, I was on some train, and, I was being attacked by someone and some friendly large black guy grabbed this psycho who was pointing a blade at me and dropped him off the train.  Something about stopping and letting some kids hide between the tracks as the train went by.  Okay, that is all I remember.  WAIT!  Okay, yeah, more coming.  Dream about Alex, dITZ, Pester, and a few others.  I was attempting to party with three groups of people, and the problem was I made Moch 10, but could not drive Alex due to the rule of not a drop of alc in the system when I was going to drive Alex so I got to borrow dITZ car but there was some long drives to somewhere but I do not remember exactly where.  Thanks for working with me, brain.  Speaking of working... it is near time.  Before I go, just a quick update here.  As I look at my Yahoo list, I see Tippi on line and a message about how she wants someone to entertain her or something like that, yet, she could easily be dipping into my more-than-interesting-to-others world.  Yeah, JOHD, I am more than happy to toast her off my list.  Another human acting way too human.  I will toast all of her mail she actually sent when I get home.  Master of Maddness, signing off 1228p......
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