January 23rd, 2002


Once Upon a Clue

"I've got two jobs. I've discovered that you have to work twice as hard when it's honest"

Madd's log, Maddate 020123.38 0130p:

     [EVENTS now] Ahhh!!  There were humans looking in at my naked frail body!!  Oh wait... I am not naked, oh thank goodness!  hEhEhE... JOHD... there is so much to talk about, and I feel all I get to do is talk to you (forgetting things along the way), go to work, come home, and get ready for bed.  Nooooooooo!!  They're all gonna laugh at me!  Noooooooooo!!  {sigh} Hey, not sure the reason for sigh... but, let's kick this pig.  I forgot to mention a few things from last time, so, I should attempt to remember them now.

A Past Neither Lost nor Forgotten

     [EVENTS mon 1-21] Okay, before I went to work, I got a note on my door.  This note says, and I quote, "I like your new car! - Ed R."  What is this new car everyone keeps talking about?  Well, anyway, I was flattered and thought at first it was the LL, George.  However, I realized that "George" does not fit in that scribble well.  Ah yes, it is the elder maintenance man, Ed!  He so rocks... difficult to believe it is him who owns all these places.  He is so wacky... I wonder if I am related to him?  Also, I have been cleaning the place up... ever so darn very slowly.  Another thing that happened during work was that Mair was messaging me direct, and I told her I was going to take her to see LotR on Saturday after her shift.  I guess she was having a bad hair day and I helped to brighten it up.

Waking Dreams

     [EVENTS tue 1-22] Okay, I went to work, actually got to park up the hill, and noticed yet ANOTHER bird hit Alex!  Oh they are so wishing death.  The good news is that this bird must be the size of my right testicle.  That or it has issues and should see a doctor (like Dr Kevorkian).  Well, I went to my pod space and started work... well... not right away, I do not know if I am familiar with working right when I get to work, haha.  Well, I had brought my camera AND disk this time, so I was able to show our SME Chris pictures of Alex.  Everyone loves Alex :D.  A theory I had many moons ago I believe is true.  For some odd reason, when I met a new female Reality, I fantasize about many different things.  Not just sexual things mind you, however, many times something of a sexual nature comes up.  It happens almost without fail.  If this theory is true, then at some point, I will stop and move on.  I also notice that usually there is some key thing that triggers it.  For example, our SME defended me out of my Floyd shirt when she knew nothing of it.  Ladies of the past have mentioned something about honesty or what have you, and that got me.  Females have shows strong video game interest.  Yeah, I think I am starting to piece everything together.

Lean Mean Eating Madd

     I think I have tapped into Bud just slightly.  More talk about the Lord.  Sam is still on vacation.  We are taking more and more screening calls.  I had a lot of them this day.  I mean, lots of them.  Oh yeah, SME Chris said she attempted to add my name on chat, and it did not accept it.  Ah... don't ask me!  I have no clue how to work a computer.  During lunch, I used Bud's grill thing to cook some chicken he had.  It tastes so yummy and what have you.  To think I was going to go to BK again.  Yeah, they appear to be killing a lot of OT as of late.  So once again, I get a lunch and take advantage of some eatin'.  Mair messaged me a bit towards the end of my work, and she came down and talked to me.  We talked about her jealous nature.  Wil was making sme comment on how I had found "the one", and she almost ripped him a new one.  She talked about how she would not want me with another woman, and I asked if that meant if someone was right for me if she would not want my happiness to be possibly increased.  You know, JOHD, that whole woman thing that I do not believe in the first place.  Oh well...

Hair Once Removed

     So, after work, Alex took me over to Bud's place.  He had talked about how he wanted to cut my hair and what have you, so he could experiment, and I said that was fine.  So, he started to work on my hair by putting me in a garbage bag.  Hmm... imagine that.  Well, he decided not to experiment on my hair because there was so much of it and it was so think.  I caught him off guard, but fingered I would.  So, he also worked on facial hair formally known as beard.  Aye, he took most of everything off.  He liked his work also.

Bud Divine Light

     [EVENTS now] So, after cleaning hair up a bit, we started to really get into talking about God.  This started because Bud had researched something I was asking about a few ago in regards to God being a "proper" name for God.  Ooooh... must be, Comfortably Numb just started playing, mwahaha!!  God, you so kill me at times.  Well... um... actually, I would prefer you not kill me just as of yet, I mean, I have so much work to do on this planet still.  So anyway, we talked about many aspects of God.  Also, I talked a bit about 5th Dimensional Thinking.  I did not get too far in depth, but I touched basis on the power of the mind.  He was really glued to what I was saying, just as I was glued to what he was saying.  It was like talking to a long lost brother.  Speaking of which, I found out he is also an only child.  Only difference between his state and my own is that he is voiding the alone gap by getting married some time in the future here.  I had talked about being an only child, and the thoughts of being alone and what have you.  I mentioned the age old conflict I have when I see other people with child hood friends and what have you.  While I had maintained myself well when I was with Buddy in her truck talking a few ago, I think I might have almost gone to tears if I was not watching myself talking about it at this time.  There is something about Bud, I am not sure what it is.  I told him how I really see God inside him, meaning that I can see his faith.  We talked about faith also.  He brings up such interesting points.  It was a long conversation, and his woman had called a few times, and his time was up (thanks to my watching of the watch).

That Working Thing

     Ah nutbunnies.  I have work to go do or something.  JOHD, I will finish this up with you later.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0210p......
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