January 22nd, 2002


Brain Exercising

"They threw us out of England, they threw us out of France, so here we are. Flourishing, really, except for the minor inconvenience of despising everything about your country"

Madd's log, Maddate 010222.28 1217p:

     [EVENTS Mon 1-21] Well I went to work, and was there right when I think I was suppose to be, or something like that.  I rested ALex underneath the Tree of Death.  I so did not want to, but it was the closest space to have.  I started to rock hard at work.  Also, I had some interesting chat with our SME Chris.  It was most interesting right before she was going to leave.  This is referenced as Q001.txt.  I was doing good on tickets.  Bud and Carmela started more religious God talk.  This was a continuation of the talk we all had on Saturday.  Bud is an extremely religious person.  Carmela is also.  Bud enlightened me to the trinity, actually.  The Bible never makes reference to the word.  I always thought that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were all the same, and that always confused me massively.  Bud showed it in the perspective that it was similar to how people marry.  Man and woman shall marry to become as one in flesh.  That actually made sense to me.  It also answered a lot of otherwise unanswerable questions.  I did end up getting stuck on a ticket.  Heck, I do not even remember what it was about now that I think about it.  Nope... brain cells point to not knowing.  I moved Alex to a safer spot during my first break.  OT ended up being released a little bit into my shift.  I actually ended up taking a lunch instead of working through it because Teresa had some food and it made me so hungry.  I went to BK and got my usual from there, the Chicken sandwich.  The unusual part was I actually got a Dr Pepper and I had cheese added to it.  I could use more dairy in my diet.  So this time Alex got to stay behind Bud's car.  The rest of work went fine, minus the fact that we were running low on tickets, and I do not think I made my numbers.  Oh yeah, important note.  Buddy finally showed up to work.  We were going to talk after work, she had something on tape to play for me.

Mobile Stationary Dr Madd

     So I walked to her truck that was parked right in front of Alex.  She told me what had been going on with her life, and we caught up with things she had been meaning to tell me for a while now.  This is referenced as Buddy001.txt.  [EVENTS now] The chat lasted for over one hour and thirty minutes.  After the chat, I took Alex for one lap around Des Moines.  I got home and was going to talk to you, old friend, however Alienesse caught me.  From the start of the chat I knew something was up.  I would later find out what was all going on.  This extremely complex and long chat is referenced as AL154.  Our friendship has issues, I have come to see.  If one of us were to find out something major, or at least what we think is major, we would end up talking to the other one, and it would turn into some sort of almost argument.  I am starting to come to terms why this happens.  Arguing in our sense is a way to get massive attention of the other party.  For some reason, we both care about each other so much that we want to get massive attention from the other at times.  Her problem is that she does not always see all of the picture, and this is noted multiple times in that reference.  She does not always think things all the way through before she says something.  The one example was when she said she never refused any answers to me that I had ever asked in the past (this is after she opened up, of course, for before would not count).  I reminded her of one incident, and instead of coming to terms that she was wrong, she instead used an excuse that was very relevant to the time back then, however, not to the current chat.  As usual, she mentioned about us going our separate ways.  She does it a lot, and that part of her irritates me.  One of these days, I may just call her bluff.  I mean, no matter what happens, JOHD, one should never even toy with the idea of not talking to another unless that is what they want and that is what they mean.  The arguments went back and forth, and then something off happened.  Somewhere in there, it was like we called a secret truce, and we started to just chat in a different manner.  It was like we both felt the other party was either not going to bend or not going to listen or something, so, we decided to change things around.  The chat mellowed out from there, however, it was extremely mentally draining.  Then as many times before, when the chat was wrapping up, we would talk in a way that the one wanted the other to not be a stranger.  It is a very odd friendship, and I must say unique.  There are a few things about it I hope to think about.  so before bed, Maur replies to my away message.  It goes something like:

{Maur} (4:02:07 AM): its patience, not patients... i dont have any patients... or patience for that matter i spose...
Auto response from Madd74 (4:02:07 AM): we are sorry... the brain you have attempted to reach has been mentally drained well beyond its abilities... please give 1 week, or 5 minutes with my kid, to recharge to full capacity... thank you for your patients...
{Maur} (4:02:18 AM): children? behind my back? u player u...

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot.  This Tippi who was bored at work and wanted to ask me questions never replied to my message about if she still wanted to talk.  Score yet another point for observation.  I so called it.  Well, I went to bed and thoughts of Alienesse were on my mind.  I know that is another reason we argue the way we do.  To instill the image, at the very least, of us in the brain of the other.  I had an interesting dream and was able to record it down.  Now, I get ready for work.  Man, I am so hungry.  Master of Maddness, signing off 1242p......
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