January 19th, 2002


Snow Trekkin

"Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning."

Madd's log, Maddate 020119.68 0301a:

     [EVENTS fri 1-18] I had a dream... and it involved Alex, and some semi, and we cooked its tail on the road we did, haha.  Well, another wonderful night on the couch.  Now that I have the computer desk here, once I set it up, that should get me back in bed soon.  So I was up, and the alarm got me, and that means what a day in store for Madd or something like that.  So while on the computer, a new Reality sent me e-mail.  I thought it the usual porn, however, was soon shown otherwise.  She shall be known as Tippi, and I shall mark her at about... no more than four months if I ever hear from her again.  She collected many pictures from me as we chatted on Yahoo.  I also give her a 45 percent chance of chatting back with me, after all, she was at work, and bored.  I know how bored people get.  They One Net Stand more than any other type of being.  Also, I made some corrections to you, JOHD.  It was more information to add regarding AH.  That reminds me... events of Thursday also included Bud moving Alex closer to me.  I thought that something I should share. 
Holy Sweet Teeth

     So anyway, I cut it close yet once again getting to work.  The Lord was kind enough to grant me a spot up the hill.  I went inside to see the Candy Man was there.  He sells all these crazy candies.  I went upstairs to log in, and then came down to get some chocolate raspberry sticks.  Oh my word, those are so good.  As soon as Wil tried one, he was munching away on them all day while I had them out.  Sam, on the other hand, did not like them.  Bud seemed to enjoy them also.  Christina is the correct name for our current SME, by the way, however she appears to go by Chris.  So, she mentioned the fact I did not have my camera, with pictures of Alex.  Where in the world is my camera?  Also, it seems that her daughter works as a laserist.  Mmm... Floyd shows... been so long, I remember when I went back to them, there was only 2 left, and that made Madd sad.  Now Chris tells me that her daughter, the so called Floydian, is working the show this night.  In more disturbing news, Chris has never seen... The... Wall.  Eeks!  How can this be?  After she defended me for wearing a Floyd shirt, she has never seen this work of art?  "I don't watch TV or movies," she says.  Blah!  Wrong answer.  So she said she wanted to borrow it.  Yeah, I can manage that... if I can find it.  Um... work was rather interesting.  First off, I think Wil left Reality.  He had this obsession with calling me, over, and over, and over, and over, and... he would not stop, and he was laughing manically as if his butt was on fire.  I so did not understand that.  Bud had his MP3 in a car show, and a bikini team put a dent in his car.  I got stuck on this very beyond nasty ticket.  As usual, I wanted to figure out where the problem is, and other Qwest departments were just not wanting to do their job.  How typical.  It so bothers me how some people are just so shallow and could screw over everyone else just for their own greed.

Pink is not Well

     I went home, and looked for my VHS of The Wall.  Not to be found, oh, this is so not cool.  I looked everywhere and not to be found anywhere.  What in the world happens to my stuff?  Where does it go?  Well, I darted off to Myles.  There was no one there, so, I let myself in, and was unable to find any copy... the best I could do was my VH1 Floyd fest.  I thought something would be better than nothing.  I took off for the science center.  There... was no show... denied Floyd.  Ack.  I think there a possibility I was wanting to see more than Floyd.  Stop being weak, Madd, or I shall knock you into the next existence.  I think we should talk about this some time darn soon.

Water, Please

     So as I went to Alex, I noticed, that very oddly, I had missed a call.  I called the number and it turned out to be Kristen, and she was at Vic & Andy's.  So, I decided to go down to there.  [EVENTS now] I got there, and the first thing I ordered was water.  hEhEhE!!  Last time I did that, I was waking up from having drank all day long.  However, I made a vow that there would be not a drop of drink in me if I was with Alex.  I am going to be a good influence to him.  The next thing I ordered was one of those sandwich things.  Those are so yummy.  I was playing the nudie picture guessing thing with Nikki.  I should be better at that game than I am.  For some reason, my 3 dimensional spacial abilities miss the most obvious of things.  People missing body parts... you think that would just be a given.  Kristen was her usual drunken self attempting to get more drink that she needed, and Aaron was doing his usual things to dissuade her.  Julie was there, and she was talking about how the pod should be more quite because the managers are not happy with our current behavior.  To that I say, managers can byte me.  Benton showed up, and Eric was there, and I rarely see him anymore.  He has the same ToE as me, you know.  So after all that, Alex and I went for a ride.  It had snowed.  In fact, it was the first real snow we have has for this season.  This would be Alexander's first snow!  He handled it so well.  I so think he loves the snow.

No Rest for the Wicked

     I got home, and I chatted a bit with Falcon.  He keeps asking about Alex and if I am breaking him in well.  I think I am.  I also had a long chat with Tina.  She is having issues with a friend, and this is referenced as Mrchin22.  As for me, live Numb has ended, and it is time for me to go pass the heck out on that cold and lumpy couch.  hEhEhE, I heard that.  Crazy humans.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0404a......
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