January 18th, 2002


Sleek Into the Night

"The name's Hector. Got a last name too, but I can't pronounce it."

Madd's log, Maddate 020118.58 0347a:

     [EVENTS Thu 1-17] I was waken by the sound of the bug man coming to check for bugs.  I must be clean.  More than what I can say for my place, ha.  I asked Riede if he was doing anything, and he said no, so I told him I was coming over to pick him up, and he kept asking why.  Before I could ruin any surprise about my baby, I left him high and dry.  hEhEhE!!  So, it was out to see Alex.  He was doing very well, so we went to McD's and since the drive in line was longer than a penis at a bordello, I decided to walk in and get my two double cheese and drink.  Then, it was off to work.  I ended up 10 minutes early to work.  I took advantage of this time to attempt the last undiscovered part, the wiper blades.  Talk about mass confusion.  More words and pictures than I have seen in that small a space in a long time.  It only took me 5 minutes to finger out.  So, into work I went.  I got the usual questions of how late was I out riding around.  Oh, I believe the SMEs name is Christina.  (I could be wrong and may have to ask today) Her daughter never called me.  On a stranger note, she had talked to her daughter about the strange message I left her, and how she put me up to it, and how it was okay if she wanted to date me.  Date me?  hEhEhE!!  That is rather funny.  It was just too bad that a supposed large Floyd fan would not listen to my answering machine message.  I think it totally sets the way for machine messages.  I do have to admit that... um... Sandra is her name I think?  Yeah, well, temp SME showed me a picture of her two daughters, of which the oldest, the Floydian, is pretty.  I thought so, of course, before seeing the picture, she likes Floyd as much as claimed!  I think it shows a definite weakness in me still, something that I should work on.  AH had called and left a message asking what 'AH' stands for, and also wanted to know what the *.TXT references were.  I found that humorous.  On a sad note, Myles called me to inform me that X-Files was officially in last season, being 9th.  No more X-Files, except the movie.  This made me sad.  I think this single handedly dropped the Maddate to .58.  Also during work I talked to Mair, and I helped her with a WFA ticket.  She went into the usual I see everyone else but her run.  Hmm... maybe she is right.  However, maybe it is that reminder that some how holds me back without realizing it.  I cannot say I know for sure, since, I have no clue at this time.  Of late, it was a simple argument.  She was talking how she basically did not approve of me getting ride of Pink, yet, she had never really been in her before.  I think one gets to know Alex, well... Alex speaks for himself.  Well, he does not really talk yet, but he must think he is a cat, since he purrs like no other.  Bud and I started to get into some deep conversation.  The funny part was once again we are talking calls, and I forgot about it while talking to Bud, and the auto answer was on, so some guy wanting assignments was listening for a minute and 30 seconds before I realized he was there.  Most humorous.  I was talking to Bud about how humans desire happiness, and why many end up in relationships, or feel they need one, because it makes them whole, or so, they perceive things that way.  Also, there was some fun thanks to Diane.  Besides lending her and Heather my Palm Pilot and Neo pocket, I went to see Diane because she overheard me dealing with a NDT that I called and got an actual fax machine.  She also helps me see that I return flirting almost without fail back to people who do so to me... and now that I think of it, I think I return flirting that guys give to me also, so... well... who knows what is going on there.  Well, in regards to the issue, Diane was looking up a ticket attempting to find a number.  I had written it down wrong to her, but, I got the just of what was going on.  The people reporting the problem were idiots.  I mean, their main number to this business was hooked to a fax also.  How in the world am I to get ahold of them?  Oh well.  We had ordered Scooby Snacks to eat, and I thought mine was eaten by everyone, however, Bud had moved them up.  Freaked me out.  What else happened... well, not a whole lot, and ticket wise, not a whole lot towards the end due to a ticket I was stuck on for almost an hour and a half.  Ironically enough, it was one that Diane was talking to a customer, and she wanted me to screen the ticket.  How can I resist any RSA who wants me to screen a ticket?  There was reference to an order, but the order was no where on earth to be found, and I had no maps to any other planets to track it down.  Of course, I shall follow it up, because I rock, and I know how to help the customers.

After Work Special

     Well, from work, I went straight to Wal-Mart.  It appears Chaffin would be waiting for me there.  I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and on the phone, and he could tell who Alex was by listening to him.  I thought that very Chaffin-like.  He was very very impressed with him, as I expected.  I then went to grab Riede.  When I got there, I knocked on his window.  When Riede came out, the look on his face when he looked at Alex was priceless.  I wish I would have had a camera at the exact moment.  Of course, Riede did have a camera, and took a few pictures before we took off to South Side.  The entire way, all Chaffin could talk about was all the modifications I could do.  I found it most entertaining, especially since as I already told Bud, I am not into fast vehicles, hEhEhE!!  [EVENTS now] I showed them my new driving route. After that, we went into South Side, and inside Chaffin was naming all these people who would be more than happy to race me.  I have more breaking in to do before I consider seriously doing that.  Well, I bought a large L shaped computer desk.  This desk is going to get me off the couch when complete.  This computer desk is my ticket off that couch.  So we took it to Alex, and how ever we got that desk to fit in is beyond me.  However, it worked, and I was able to get it home, with the thanks of these two large bulky strong guys... wow, if I was a chick, I might have just turned myself on, mwahaha... er, okay, anyway, so, after dropping that at my place, I dropped Chaffin off at Wally World to his car, and then Riede and I went on my route.  I stopped at Perkins for some grub.  As I was eating, and he was picking chicken off the appetizer plate, I talked about my job, and also how the phone repair system works.  I told him about Auto, and also about Smart Test, and compared them to roommates.  hEhEhE, that was fun.  We also talked about YOU, Mr JOHD.  It seems many people were confused about an entry I submitted to you, and that one would have been "Yes", dated for Monday Jan 14th 2002.  For some reason, everyone thought that was some form of a suicide note or something.  Makes no sense to me, after all, it is merely a kick me in the pants note to myself.  Maybe everyone forgot that I am not writing for anyone but you and myself.  Also, Riede saw the "last informal entry" and had translated it to last JOHD entry.  No way!  You rock too much, JOHD old friend.  Besides, Bud shows me that I enjoy stimulating mental conversation, and very few people either wish to have such chats with me, or, they are just not capable.  Some people just don't like to think.  So anyway, we talked about you, and I talked about how every day goes into you.  After that, and the very yummy food, we took off and I took Riede home, and completed the last of my route.  Before making the Riede drop, I fed Alex for the FIRST time!  Eeks... and I thought I ate expensive.  Alex's formula is super expensive.  I am required to buy premium 91 if I wish Alex to NOT get a tummy ache, of which would be an expensive tummy ache.  So, that was quite exciting for my first time feeding him.

     So here I am, all tired and stuff, and wishing I had more hours in the day, yet working as much OT as possible.  I guess I am just not playing with a full deck of marbles.  Oh well... that is something I have come to know for quite some time.  No one on this planet plays with a deck of marbles in the first place... imagine that.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0450a......
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