January 17th, 2002


New Child Smell

Madd's log, Maddate 020117.49 0320a:

     [EVENTS wed 1-16] Ack... so tired when I woke up.  My computer was kind enough to wake me up all the way from the other side of the apartment.  How nice of it to do so.  I sat there, I think a bit dazed still from the birth of Alex.  This is a good thing.  Well, I would eventually get things up and together, and would take off to work.  Where to park... hmm... under... trees... of death.  They house those evil birds... the ones I wish to choke the life out of.  I so would hope that the powers I asked for would protect my baby boy.

The Talk of Work

     Well, news spreads fast, especially with Bud around, and everyone was asking about Alex.  Before taking off to work, I was able to snap three pictures and was able to show everyone.  I do not think those pictures does my child justice.  The light... it was that darn lighting.  Oh well, not a problem.  I plan to get some really good pictures on a day off.  Wait, Qwest still gives me days off?  I would be in two hours early for the wonderful OT that I continue to work.  Of course, after checking out the paycheck that was strictly OT and no vacation... yeah, well, I think I will work all OT that is offered, and that is for sure.  So work went well, and things just seemed to fall where they should have, minus a few crazy tickets.  As usual, I answer a lot of questions for people at work.  I even answered one for a manager.  Wow... just amazing.  Also, our SME for the day, name forgoten, has a 17 year old daughter who has Pink Floyd as her answering machine message.  I got to hear it.  I had the SME listen to my message, hehehe.  Yeah, I still win the cake, baby.  Everyone was teasing about setting me up for a date.  I made the comment, "Other guys would want her for her body, for sex, you know I want her just for her Floyd."  This all started when my pod partner wanted our SME to hit me, and she said, "I can't, he's wearing a Pink Floyd shirt.  It was love at first sight... or... something like that.  Oh, Bud had his George Forman grill, and made some very yummy chicken.  Also, I let him move Alex.  Yeah... it is only fair, I mean, after all, if not for Bud, I would not have Alex.  Nooooo, JOHD.  None of that.  The more I look into Bud's mind, the more I see even if I was that kind of person, he would never be my type.  It was very nice that management let us write off an hour of time for filing, and I even took calls today towards the end.  I ended up with one call, some guy Mike from the CMC, and I do not even think he knew why he was calling me.  Oh well...

Pod Racing

     Well, I game Bud and Sam a ride to their cars.  Alex does not start near as good as Pink did, I must admit, in the colder temp.  Oh well, it is something that I will get use to.  Bud had me stop in the middle of the road so I could flex Alex for Sam.  I think she got a kick out of it, something about her mention Qwest employees found dead or something like that comes to mind.  Sam went her way, and I followed Bud to Big Tomato.  For the record, I had two #8.  It was pretty good pizza, actually.  From there, I followed Bud to his place.

No, That is Not a Mess

     If Bud thinks his place is a mess, then he has obviously not been to my place of late.  [EVENTS now].  I was rather tired, after I helped Bud scandisk and defrag his laptop computer.  I got to see the "real" ending to Fast and the Furious.  I did not really miss much, but you know, I missed something.  Of course, I had my reasons.  At some point before "last call", AH gave me a call.  She wanted me to pick her up, so, I said I would.  I almost passed out at Bud's place, as he was on line looking at superchips.

On the Road Again

     I took off from Bud's around 0150a or so.  I headed towards the bar AH was at.  I picked her up, and I think she was drunk.  It is getting difficult to tell when humans are drunk besides when they are plowed.  She might have been.  She had a follow up on the issues she talked about earlier.  Seems she has things on the ball, this is referenced under Issue02.txt.  It was not even a lap and she was out like a light.  Poor thing.  I dropped AH home, then I headed back to here.

     I am actually tired right now.  I still have many things to take care of, and I still plan to keep to it.  Life really is good, old friend.  I hope you sleep well, because I am heading towards that couch.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0341a......
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