January 16th, 2002


Birth and Beyond

Madd's log, Maddate 020116.39G 0247a:

     [EVENTS Yesterday 1-15] Well, yesterday started out with me waking up.  No wait, scratch that.  It started off from me finishing things up from being over at Mike C's place.  Then, I went to sleep.  Ah yes, I do remember that very well.  I woke up from the couch, yet again, and I think I slept fine.  I had some bizarre dream involving Transformers, and Optimus was taken down by Megatron, and I had him pinned in the ground, and was shooting him with some strange and crazy gun.  There was something about some guarded property with land mines all over that I barely could remember from when I woke up.  After waking up... I... woke up some more!  Yes, yes.  Let me see... what else... wow... hehehe... okay, way too much excitement.  Can you feel it, old friend?  I bet you can, no worries, I am getting to that part.  Oh yeah, silly me, I went into labor.

The Labor

     You know, women complain about labor pains, but, I honestly thought the good feeling that came with the pain made the pain seem like nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing.  Maybe it is because I am a male, haha!!  Hmm... must be due to the strange difference in everything.  Okay, so, I went into labor around 2:00 PM.  It seems on my way over, the Ramsey hospital was attempting to sell my baby to someone else!  Can you imagine that?  Well... I guess you should do what one thinks right.  I guess I cannot blame them.  So, I went down to Ramsey, and did all that crazy stuff one is required to do.  Bud showed up later.  That was cool, for afterwards it was time to trek on out.  Ramsey had things to look over.  So Bud and I took off and he wanted to look for tinted windows for his mother's bug.  Well, a phone call from his mother involving a car left behind with no gas cut things short.  Now how crazy is that?  Oh well... things happen.  So, he took me back, and from Ramsey I went to Wal-Mart.  On the way, on loser 103.3, I would hear my last Floyd some in Pink.  It was Wish You Were Here, and ended 3:19:28 PM.  I got to Wal-Mart, and jumped on Riede, since he likes it so much and does not realize it.  I was doing this all this time I was pregnant!  Super MoM (Master of Maddness).  Well, before Riede could give me a reach around, my phone rang, and it was back to Ramsey to go over more papers.  Haha, papers papers everywhere.  So, I headed back.  I had a name!  I had a name, it is what I always wanted to name a child I would have if it was a male.  I got there, filled out some things, talked a little, giggled a bit, and then it was finished.  The labor was over, and it was time.

The Birth

     On January 15th, 2002 @ 5:11:03 PM in the special Ramsey delivery unit, Alexander Lloyd Kroeger was born.  Alex is a beautiful 1500 some lb black baby boy going at 227 HP.  hEhEhE... I should had known I was pregnant long ago since I had not had my period for over 27 some years :D Already Alex knows how to drive, not bad for someone just born, and he took me to Myles house.  I had called Myles, and as usual, it seemed as if he did not want to come out and play.  I talked him into it, and when I got to his place, I think it hit Myles about my new child.  I think he was happy about it, from what I know of Myles.  So, we all went for a quick little cruise.  When we were done and got back, Myles wanted to show Mary and Miker.  Miker's jaw dropped, haha, I thought it funny for he had been playing a racing game for a while.  Well, there were things to be done, so, I took off to pick up dITZ and Gem.

More Great News

     I walked into the place after being invited, and low and behold a heard a familiar sound.  It was SSB!  WhooHoo!!  dITZ had found it.  Turned out it was not stolen after all, and Gem was right the entire time.  They seemed to think that mattered, when in Reality, what mattered was the game, along with my hard earned states, was returned to me in this realm once again.  Okay, so, we got in a quick game, which turned out unfortunate.  dITZ and Link were beaten, yes beaten, by Mario and Pikarat, on a 13 point stock match in Brimstar.  Nutbunnies.  I think it had been way too long since last I had played.  I could feel the power drain from my being.  Well, on that not so bright note, we took off, and it was a most wonderful trip to the Okoboji Grill... even though I kind of missed my exit, but oh well, with Alex, the time just flies by.  We got there, we ordered, and I ate almost everyone else's food.  hEhEhE!!  I guess I got more than I expected for what I paid.  After words we returned to dITZ/Gem's place.

Going off the Rails of the Gravy Train

     Well, I hopped on the gravy train with dITZ, Gem, and Crystal.  It was a lot of fun, hehehe.  dITZ and myself took total control of her arch nemesis and my mortal enemy, Giggly Puff ball and Mario Plummerzoid.  Yeah, we ruled over them many times over.  The last one before dITZ bedtime it gave her the reef and used her icon, so she thought to comment how she won, as opposed to us, so I started to mention about how next time there would be her and those two vs just Link.  Yeah... hehehe... she changed her tune quick.  After that, she went to bed, and then Gem and Crystal played Mario Party with me.  I was being loud and dITZ yelled about it, so I went to the stairs and yelled at the top of my lungs how I was sorry for being so loud and that I was playing Mario Party as her character, since Crystal had the urge to be Yoshi.  Well, anyway, it was rather funny and dITZ and myself both got a laugh out of it.  We played that annoying birthday cake.  It played down to exactly how I expected it to.  Everyone spends too many coins on those stupid star stealing flowers.  During the game, I called Angry Human.  Imagine... stating I must have gotten a new car or something just because I called and wanted to come over.  I asked her if that meant that every time I do that, does it mean I got a new car?  Some times, the logic just baffles me.  Anyway, I had a Party to return to.  I did have the most coins at one point, as well as finish, as well as in the mini game.  I forgot who had the what's happening square, however, it did not matter, seeing as how I had precalculated that I was going to win.  It was easy mathematics.  That and the fact I rock at video games, hehehe!  :D So, after that, I went to see AH and we went for a drive.  I found a nice new driving path, it is most wonderful, especially now with Alex.

Issues with Ex's

     Hahaha, she is really not my ex, but it made the title sound more like a play on words.  AH had a few issues that she got off her chests.  These issues are referenced under Issue01.txt.  [EVENTS now] So, we drove a little past both of our current bedtimes, and I got my wonderful long hug, and then I came back home, to where I am now.  My former of course is not the only one with issues in life, we all have issues, and I am no different, of course.  However, we all have options and I have choose a few options for myself, of which, I must say I am happy with how they are at this time.  One of the options was choosing the birth of Alex, and yes, Alex, if ever you read this, MoM wanted you.  There was definitely no accident here.  EEk.  Accidents bad, hehehe.  Well, I do have quite a bit scheduled for the coming week, and of course, beyond.  It is all part of the cleanup effort to correct messes left by the last Madd in charge.  Ah, such a silly and strangely odd chap, but I think we have grown to love him, eh?  Well, I do declare, I should get ready for bed.  Um... or should I say, get ready for couch?  hEhEhE!!  Master of Maddness, signing off 0327a......
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