January 10th, 2002


This OT, It Count 2

     When I work for 10 hours, and sleep the rest, it feels as if I do not have much of a life.  Unfortunately, JOHD, my body has not adjusted to the new old schedule like I had planned.  I passed out last night.  So... more work is required on this physical form.  I am going to shoot for the weekend to catch up with you, since I took Monday off, and have Tuesday off, that gives me a four day weekend.  I hope to put some damage on a lot of things.  Right now, I would like to talk about a dream I had, since it is so Swiss cheesed I could not record it.  Okay, I was wrong, I was able to record it.  Still, it was a work related dream involving Wal-Mart.  I think my current Wal-Mart dream total is around 13 for dreams of Wal-Mart after I left.  Possibly all the talk at work about everyone losing their jobs, something I have not been talking about because I am not going to believe it.  Time shall tell...