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I Accept Your Apology

Well, the cool new message center that told me I had 77 new messages (of which a small few were friend requests, and others things I already replied to) now states that I have 6 new messages, of which are friend requests that I did not mark as read.

So, I caught myself, and realized how easy it is when work gets slow to keep up with that. Yeah, I know, same old Maddian song and dance that has been karaoked many times before, however, as anyone who knows me, knows that a quitter I be not.

I also ask, very so nice, that besides my extremely great friend Melissa, for humans to hop over to and write some things, just because I really enjoyed the day when I had humans over there writing in my forums. It made me feel really good, and on that note, the most cheap and easy gift anyone can get me for special days (Friday the 13th many of you missed, Father's Day, Christmas, December 9th, etc), would simply be to log in and write a few things, and/or reply to posts made. It means much to me, and cost you nothing... except time... internet usage (which most of you are wasting anyway)... mental stress... sanity, the things none of you need anyway!

Anyone who forgot or lost their password, and are too darn lazy to do the forgot password dance, just reply here and I will have your password reset so you can join in.

Thank you for your time, love to most of you (except you in the front row, hiding your privates from me!)
Tags: gifts, livejournal, procrastination, productive, web site

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