December 31st, 2001


End of Years

     I should dream I am Arnie more often.  Yeah, little girlie man, I will crush your head like a little bug, mwahaha!!  Er... {cough} oh sorry... and now for something completely different.  JOHD, I shall not see you again until next year.  When I do see you next year, I shall have a little under 4 months to catch up with, otherwise Stingray's greed shall become partially true.  Well, 2002... New Years resolution.  To become the most powerful mortal mind in existence.  It shall be a challenge, but it shall be a lot of fun.  Well, there is preparing to do.  I am sorry to say that I shall not be able to bring in the New Year with you, for I shall be busy at Styx with Ryan and crew.  So... Happy New Year, old friend.