December 28th, 2001


Three Wise Dreams

     Can you believe it, JOHD.  After what seems like years without dream, I had three of them.  I do not remember one of them now.  The first one I was Ali, and was in a wheel chair, and I was going to fight someone even though I was cripple.  The fight had me in intensive care afterwards, and I started to die, but I won the fight.  What in the world was that dream about, JOHD?  I am clueless.  The other one was forgotten, however, and the last one involved Starr.  She had some sort of wrist watch thing that got stock quotes.  There was something on TV about SNL, and it was Christmas time.  I had changed it there because I was looking for something else, and I do not remember what.  I went outside, and Starr was soon outside also doing something.  There was a dog, and it attempted to bite me, so, I started to follow it around and was mentally intimidating it.  It howled, as if it was howling for help, and Starr came near it, and did something, and it ran away.  See, JOHD, all strange dreams.  That reminds me, I want to get that stuff for Madd's World completed.  I have about 8 or so dreams to convert over, plus, I thought of a better way to have them on the web site.  It should all be fun.  Well, I have some OT I wish to work, so, I should go.
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