November 9th, 2001


Fast Swimmer

     So there the sperm went... the fastest swimmer, who penitrated the egg to make who we are today.  Society came along and did its best to mold the spermegg as it saw fit.  Many of the spermegg conformed to what society wanted.  The spermegg did as it was told.  It played with army men if it was suppose to, or it played with dolls.  However the society wished for the spermegg to live its life.  There may had been times when the spermegg might have wanted more... possibly wanted freedom, however, the will of society was too much, and the spermegg obeyed every wish.  As with any structure, of course, there was always exception to the rules.  Some spermegg would fight more than others.  Some would take the ways of how things are to be, and make those rules more fit to live in a world that was the spermegg.  Society would look down upon this, and of course, would send out its many minions to batter down, beat, and reprogram the spermegg back into its role for society.  Many spermegg would crack under this pressure... and finally succumb to what it wanted.  The strong spermegg that faught for its individualism would be no more than a number.  Numbers are a place that society finds familiar and safe.  With numbers, everything can be classified in a way that society could keep track of.  To society, everything is about numbers, and if it cannot be broken down in numbers, then it serves as a threat.  Of course, all threats to society are to be destoryed.  The only problem is, some things are more difficult to destroy than others.  No matter how greedy or selfish a spermegg may become corrupt in existance, there would always be hope.  There would always be, at least one, spermegg who would see that s/he would have to help pave the way.  The spermegg who knew that something had to be done to keep society from turning everyone into nothing more than an energy source... almost like the Matrix, where humans were nothing more than a battery to the machines, spermeggs are nothing more than a power source to fuel society into what it wants.  The ironic part is that society really does not know what it wants.  Well... we know what to do... don't we, JOHD??