November 5th, 2001


The Stoned Dialup

     Here I am... back on a stupid dial up account while I wait for DSL issues to be taken care of.  At least when it happened with Qwest, it was a server error that they worked on and had taken care of within 24 hours if not sooner.  MSN is doing nothing but jerking me around.  They suck in ways so bad that I am not even going to go into it.  In fact, I will let my soon-to-be chats and emails from those horrid so-called customer/technical support speak for themselves.  I urge any human who may be reading this to never use MSN as their ISP.  Of course, if you have to choose between MSN and AOL, take MSN.  While I was able to transfer both Mousis and Mitsu over to Maxx (finally), the current issue is slowing me down, waiting for a DSL modem to arrive.  Right now, I must go and figure out all the net address that are sending to a NOW DEAD account and get them the new anti-spam account.  So wish me luck, JOHD, since I will require more than that.
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