November 3rd, 2001



     Ah yes, JOHD.  Back in action once again.  You just can't keep a good Mdad down.  Hey!  PINK FLOYD IS PLAYING AND WILL PLAY FOR AROUND 72 HOURS ON VH1, ON THE DIGITAL CABLE SIDE!!  Can you believe it?  The power of Maddness triumpths!!  Ha, new word for the day...


     It happened, JOHD... it is gone.  Dead... the computer, in attempts to install a 1394 card to allow for the hard drive... well... the computer has stopped responding to me.  It is dead.  It is gone, and I did everything in my power to restore it, and it did not work.  From my analysis, it appears that power supply has died completely.  This is the cheapest repair I can do to the computer, and of course, will result in no data loss.  However, this all started when I installed the 1394 card.  So I could have shorted something out.  If I shorted something, then who knows what is wrong.  I am taking it to D.I.T. and going to have them look at it.  I may take it tomorrow, if they are open.  Otherwise, Sunday, but I do not think they are open on Sunday.  If that is the case, it may be Monday, after my new work, until I can figure out what is even wrong with it, let alone getting it fixed.