October 30th, 2001


Forest Firewire

     Ack!!  JOHD, where are you?  Dude... this is not right... it says the www.livejournal.com does not exist.  Let us hope this is in conjunction with my computer problems that have morphed into massive baddies.  Well... I had been working to correct a few errors on the web site, and have come to the conclution of a few things.  The only thing I seem to have a problem with now is actually getting the counters to show up right as to where they are coming from.  I plan to work that out here soon, or, so I hope.

     In the pand of repair, I am drooling over the 80GB firewire drive that is going to lead this computer to salvation, and prevent me from dropping it from the 45 story Principle building.  It is going to set me back a little bit, however, if it saves my mind from this mess currently called a computer, than so be it.  From what I have hear, I will be accessing things faster from that then actually using my own computer internal drives!!  I hope this is not going to bone me in the long run.  Master of Maddness, signing off 12:31:09......