October 29th, 2001


Help from Within

     Ack, I am tired, so tired.  Germs have attempted to overrun my body.  They were starting to win some time yesterday, however, it is I who have the upper hand now.  I struck a few shots to procrastination last waking night.  It was good since I got half of the things done I wanted to do, and was proud since I was to a health level that did not want to do anything at all.  I do not think sleeping on the couch was a bad thing, actually.  Also, it looks like I may have some good news!  I found a firewire external hard drive.  Seeing as how I do not think I have any IDE spots left, due to bother master and slaves used by hard drives and CD/DVD-ROM drives, this may be the solution for me.  Not only that, but think of it, now, I can have 80 GB of space that follows me around!  It would plug directly into Neo with no problem, and all I will have to do for Mousis is install a card to support the fire wire.  I have had bathroom adventures more difficult than that!

     Unfortuantely, I did not get to finishing up Madd's World converstions last night due to the germs/lack of motivation.  I plan to make that all up, however, very soon.  I plan on being in better spirits after work today.  I cannot let these germs overtake my body.  I know I can win this.  Master of Maddness, signing off......
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    "Poison of Snake" - Konami, "Life Force"