October 26th, 2001



     NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  This can't be!!  Yet again... boned... damn internet!  Well, if my computer crapping out on me was not enough... AS OF 10 DAYS MY CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NO LONGER BE VALID.  To add to the fun... MY WEB PAGE WILL NO LONGER EXIST.

So how does a Madd cope with this?  Hmm... I just shelled out $212 some dollars to register a web site.  It was the only thing I could do, JOHD, don't look at me like that!  I mean, I do not want to lose my site, and MSN just sucks, and I am being forced to them, like being raped.  Blah, bastards.  Oh well... I will overcome or something.
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"I feel like I'm Han Solo, and you're Chewie, and she's Ben Kenobi, and we're in that fucked-up bar."

     I am so excited!  Sure, it costs about $7.77 a month for the next 23 months, however, in around 48 hours, everyone will be able to visit [ http://www.madd74.com ], the new location of Madd's World.  I will want to cinfigure my email addresses, since I do not wish to go through MSN.  JOHD, I can make REAL forms now!  People should now longer have problems with the Dr Madd program unlike before.  Also, just a bunch of cool neat things I can do since I can run pearl scripts, CGI scripts, stream video, use MySQL, and much much more.  Looks like I will be hitting back to the good old web site here once again, now that the only limit I face is my own imagination and procrastination.

     So I am over being infuriated from last night/this morning.  In a way, I knew it was coming.  The first thing that angered me is when I found out maddmartin@msn.com was taken.  I use to have that account back in the days when I was stupid and had MSN as an ISP just because I thought it was "easier", intigrated into my OS and everything.  So, either someone else has taken it over since then, or, it never gave up the name.  The second thing that really bothered me, more than anything, was the fact that the new so called web pages are nothing more than a community site that ANYONE can use.  Sure, there is access for like 30 MB, but I think there may be banner ads and what have you.  Hmm... maybe just maybe I can use that space to my advantage for the new site?  While I never advice drinking and web hosting buying, I think everything turned out for the better.  Mind you, my credit card was not going to be paid off until the end of the year anyway.  So the $217 that I paid should not effect that at all.

     Well it looks like I know how I will be spending a lot of my weekends.  I should look into a decent freeware email program that can handle around 50 POP3 accounts.  That would be a blessing.  It would make things so much eaiser.  Heck, I could get ride of Netcrap once and for all, since the browser is not working anyway.
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