October 23rd, 2001


Problems with Technology

     JOHD, I did not even want to turn my computer on last night at all.  I left it off some time before I went to work, and I forecast this shall be more common practice, as the computer does nothing more than crash.  I have less than 25 minutes to get a shower and three dreams down.  Stupid OT.  At least the RAS called me and said that OT was released up until 0200p.  I will have to write the dreams as an email to myself, otherwise the computer will most likely crash on me.  Arrrggg... stupid helicopter computer!!  Before I go, Stingray just left me an important message, and I think I should post it:
yeahhhhhhhhh nooowwww hey nowwwwww yeah yeeeeeeaaahh now heyyyy yeahhhh noeeewwww heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Auto response from Madd74 (1:07:42 PM): shower, JOHD, dreams, work, sleep, and not necessarily in that order
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