October 20th, 2001


Where it Hurts Most

     Computer, computer, computer.  How I almost lothe thee.  Well... I think I may have to grab a hard drive and video card and Win98 upgrade here before I pay off my credit card, for I am getting to a point of not wanting to turn my computer on at all.  Of all the problems, the newest one is that it appears when I am away from my computer, it drops me off-line.  Of course, the other more annoying and problimatic issue is that the computer is crashing more frequent.  It crashes most when I am doing any kind of word processing, whether it be in notepad or Word.  JOHD... writing you is a challenge for this fact.  The only stable word processor I have seen thus far is the LJ client.  Even using a command window to bring up the DOS edit will crash.  Heck, ICQ is even unstable.  I am close to closing it down until the computer is fixed.  Of all the programs that appear to NOT be affected is AIM.  Imagine that... the most unstable program is working the best under these computer troubled times.  Go figure...
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