October 15th, 2001


Vengance is Mine

"Respect is fine, but actually I've always wanted to be feared."

Madd's Log, Maddate 011015.18 1233a:
     Well... I think I figured something important out, JOHD.  When I "go on vacation", I mentally do so in many aspects.  I almost get more things done when I work as opposed to when I go on vacation when it comes to cleaning, writing, chores, and the like.  Somewhere hidden in my mind, it is written that a vacation is a time to do almost nothing, especially when it comes to thinking, unless the thinking process is that of one of the major spheres of influence (such as Pink Floyd, psychology, etc).  So, since this is programmed into my subconsious somewhere, it is my job to find out where the code is, and reprogram it.  I mean, I enjoy chatting with you JOHD.  I think since I have been doing so for almost 10 years, that helps to show you how much I do.  Look at how angry and flustered I get with myself when I miss out on times of chatting with you.  I mean, after all, part of the reason I am here is to learn, and what better being to learn from than myself.  I mean... I tell me more than anyone else would tell me.  I share with me more than others would share.  Is the pizza done?  Hmm... they are about ready.  Ack!!  Who in existance allowed me to put GHOSTS AND GOBLINS music on my computer?  Darn crack lickers!  I think if there was any one game that could beat my dislike for Mario, it was that game.  Okay... maybe Castle Dragon, that game was beyond impossible.  These people have been taking queue from the folks at Konami and their crazy "hard" level loop 2 crap.  Anyway, I have the most wonderful news for you, JOHD.  I plan to write all night until I get tired, and maybe not even then, and catch up on a lot of previous lost life.  I mean... I wanna know what I was doing 3 years from now, and you are the only way that I can do that.  So without further... Thursday, September 20th harbors the last link to the catch up period.  All entries afterwards are geared more towards "the present".  Eeks... I feel like I am writing a sequal to CT based on my life or something.

New York: Day Five

     [EVENTS wed 9/5] I woke up, early again, but this time it was not to go to NY Friend's work.  This time it was to go see Maur.  Yes, I would finally meet the legend; the leader of TAG.  I was actually excited to finally get to met him.  He was the other reason that I was going to NY.  So we waited at Penn station.  Oh, and we waited... and waited... fasionably late!  He over slept.  That is such a great first impression there, Maur.  Well, we got on the subway to head to his place, and I showed him my digital cam.  I even got a few MaddCam shots.  You know, for someone who appears to know a lot about computers and what have you, he sure looked at my cam like my great grandmother would have looked at a computer, if she ever would have seen one.  I found humor in that.  After we got out for his exit, we walked around his part of Manhatten (AKA "The City").  It looked like the place that you see most often in movies about or in NY.  Guys living in the streets, trashes piled everywhere, and... what WAS that smell?

Madd the 'merican

     Well, we went to Subway.  I see a new way to make money in the food business, for that is what they were doing to me.  The people there spoke broken English.  So when they were asking me what I wanted, I was having a difficult time following along.  I mean, I never wanted that American cheese, I thought he was just asking if I was American!  Darn those toads, I bet he really spoke great English, but for some reason, I scream tourist.  Was it the backback and computer lap top bag I was carrying around?  Nah, I doubt it.  We got to his place, went up the five flights of stairs (great work out), and made it inside his... place?  You know... it was about the same size as my pad, only, they appeared to house a number of 6+ people.  I started to lose count, there were a lot of them, everywhere.  Behind the fridge was Maur's room.  No really, behind the fridge, that was most humorous.  He showed me some things on his computer.  Some of the things were interactive flash games, and on a few, I did very well for a newbie.  Then... I believe after that, we played Mario Party 2.  This was a lot different than Mario Party 1.  Of course, Maur was being a cheap bitch, and I would have expected nothing less.  On the explaination screens for the games, he would usually press start before I had a chance to know what button did what, or what I was attempting to do, or any tips on how to do it.  I ended up with second place, even though, the way the game went, if the bonus stars would have been turned off, I would have actually won the game.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Time of Sadness

     Hmm... what can I say... I should have seen this coming.  I should have known, just for the fact, it is how my luck goes.  I guess you take a break from something long enough, JOHD old friend, and you can lose mobility enough to be... deafeated.  My undesputed championship to the GB Tetris would come to an end.  I would be defeated by Maur.  It started out plain and simply horrid.  I would get swept.  However, depsite how grim it looked, for a while, I was able to bring myself back up and start catching when I was falling way behind.  I would also eye for an eye, and sweep him back.  Despite how far behind I was, I manage to make it to a 4-4 match, however, Maur would bring on the murder and I would come back enough to be defeated 7-9.  Insert sad face here.  There was only one thing that would save me from jumping into the Hudson Bay and dying from acidic level...

Link the Vindicator

     Mwahaha!!  Where my powers lack in one area they shine in another!  I would take him on my ultimate fighting game, Super Smash Brothers.  It was not a clean sweep as I had hoped, seeing as the many different ways to play SSB.  There is time attack, stock attack, and then both using different team ways.  We went my weaker route, seeing as I knew Maur would require a handicap, since I am such a superior player.  We did either stock or very short time attack rounds.  I have found that the less time I have to play, the better chance an opponent to win.  Anything over 10 minutes is actual skill.  Anything under could just be luck.  Anything under about 20 people could be counted as luck, and anything over usually is skill, if, of course, you win, and, of course, depending on who you pick.  Maur would pick the mother of all cheap players, Kirby.  Go figure.  I would pick my right hand man, Link.  That in itself gave me a disadvantage.  Next, I would pit him and another player vs little old me.  While I fought well, taking on a decent player who is Kirby and another on his team when I just have me is a near impossible task in any stock mode, and most likely not able to be done in anything under 15 minutes of play.  So the fact we were in stock and I lost meant nothing to me, since his teammate computer player was near level 9.  Ah, but to even things out ever so lightly, I gave myself a level 2 player, and each and ever time, absolute victory.  Oh yeah, baby.  The fact I was already so handicapped, playing against a cheap character (I hope they do not make him as cheap in the Gamecube version, or at least, make a few more characters that could better handle him), and had a computer partner who was many times worse than his partner made the victories all the sweeter.  The other ways we played were small stock 4 player free-for-all.  Everyone one a game there.  I should have stuck with time, or at least pumped the stock up to 25 or something.  Or... I should have just told him to pick someone else besides the ever cheap Kirby.  If dITZ, my SSB partner, was not always Kirby, I might actually add him to the ranks of Mario.  Or, the poor soul who picks him.  I can kill three Mario's pit on a team against me for a reason.  Well, the last way we played, which shows real skill, almost no matter how you look at it, is good old one-on-one.  The only problems you run across are having powerful characters against weaker ones, when someone who has a powerful character can but is not that good a player take out a decent player who ends up with a poor character.  That would not be the case here, however.  Of the three or so times we played, victory, once again, was mine.  Mwahaha!!  It appears while I have lost touch with GB Tetris, SSB remains the game where I am undefeated champ.  I have taken on more people and defeated them in SSB than any other game.  Well, there is TimeSplitters... I am waiting to find a worthy opponate there.  If only Maur had a PS2...

Madd Alone 2 - Lost in New Yorkian Underground

     Well, it was not a total sad time.  Of course, even if it would have ended up with no SSB to avenge me, or even (gasp) defeat, I admit I would have had a great time with Maur.  He was in person just as he would have been in chat or on the phone, and that was good to see, since in his chat life, he seeks me out many times.  He really looks forward to chatting with me at times, and makes notice of me when I have been very busy or just not around.  Of course, this would not be the last of Maur as I had thought.  Fate, would step in and have a little fun, of course, at my expense.  As we were on the subway and on our way to Penn Station, a lady dropped a palm pilot.  At first, I thought it was Laurel... then I realized, Laurel was not on me.  In fact, my fanny pack, with my wallet, checkbook, etc, was not on me, and I realized while attempting to get comfortable in Maur's 7 foot by 4 foot room, that I took it off, and never put it back on.  I could have gone back to get it later, but then I realized the tickets for Rent were in there, and that is what I was on my way to go see.  Arrrrggg!!  Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill!  So, we had to hop subs and head back to his house.  When we got there, I got my pack back, and headed back to the sub station entrance.  This time, I was on my own.  I had to figure my way back by myself.  This was the same person who has been unable to figure out the Des Moines Metro to this very day.  Well, despite taking the C train when I wanted the A, I made it there, in one piece.  I even found NY Friend who was waiting for me, without the help of my non-functioning-underground cell phone.  Now that was a cool trick!

Arm & Leg Soup

     Well, reunited, we headed out to eat before the show.  We ate at a place, I believe called, Ollies.  (the break from 1:53:51 AM - 2:24:27 AM is brought to you by Alienesse, who wishes to say hello to you, JOHD, as referenced by Al146) This was a Japanese resturant.  As requested, I did best not to pay attention to the prices on the menu.  Eeks.  The food was good, and I had some sort of dumplin things that NY Friend likes super lots.  Almost as much as... yeah right, who am I kidding, hEhEhE!!

Rent - Center of the Universe

     Well, to the show we went.  The "pre-show" was great, just what I would expect sitting in a line at NY.  Some guy somes up, talking about all this money he needs for his daughter or someone like that, yet, he has enough color copy prints of something to cost a pretty penny.  I think he was selling something else... was it hats?  I think they were baseball caps!  Wow, this town is crazy!  So crazy, it makes me wonder why I don't live there, hehehe.  Well, the show was balcony seats, second row.  For the $80 she shelled out, per ticket, she could not have gotten a better seat in the house, well, minus the stage, but that would be silly... people on the stage are suppose to get paid.  No, JOHD, I said paid.  Stop with the selective reading.  So what is Rent?  It is the story... as with almost every musical you will ever see, it is a story about love.  So after the show, why was I thinking to myself how wonderful it was?  I mean, no Pink Floyd.  In fact, no music I could relate with previously to anything.  Yet, this show was a most excellent show.  Well worth the money spent... well... as far as NY is concerned, I suppose.  The blend of NY humor, along with the actual story line, well, it is all very well done.  If you really wish to know what Rent is about, well, then I suggest you go to http://www.siteforrent.com/ and check out About the Show in the flash pop-up window.  I have not heard a single person complain about it yet.  In fact, I think Stingray, who talked about his love for this musical, help to imprint the subcosnious desire to go see it.  The fact NY Friend was past 5 times seeing it helped the deal get made.  I would not mind seeing it myself again... I wonder if it will ever find its way back to DM?

Unexpected Detour of Pleasure

     Well, after the show, NY Friend and I went to a park and we screwed like rabid robeasts.  Everyone from Rent was there, as was Maur.  Alienesse flew in from town and started to stick this... hey... wait a second.  Now that I think about it, that memory appears slightly altered.  Who in the heck keeps going up there and changing this stuff?  Well, at any rate, the rest of the night, for the most part, remains a blur to me.  Oh no worries, I know I lived.  Otherwise how could I tell the tale?  At least, that ends the chatter of Day Five.

Outta Gas

     [EVENTS now] Um... JOHD, what is happening to my body?  Not even 0300a and I am getting extremely tired.  I mean, to the point that I am going to go to bed.  At least things are back on track.  I am really happy I figured out a massive part of my life, and how it worked.  Also, there were entries backtracked in Laurel this waking day while I was at work.  All good news for my mind, I would have to say.  So, let's close shop, and continue this soon!  Master of Maddness, signing off 0253a......
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