September 30th, 2001


Don't Kill Me!

Madd's Log, Maddate 010930.77 0110p:
     JOHD, I am going to do something that I should have done a long time ago.  I am going to make a promise to you.  As you should know, a promise from me is not like a promise from any other human.  I give you a promise, and you know it will be in existance.  I promise you, my friend, that I am going to start catching up again.  I know, I know, things are falling behind, and I am already starting to revert back to old habits.  I guess I am not one to be able to change over night, this much I have come to see.  However, change for my own good I wish to do.  Speaking of do, you are on the to do, up top, where you belong.
     In related news, strange dreams that are very imcomplete invade and euphorically intertwine my world.  The first started with a strange dream reguarding the Twin Towers.  I do believe Jackie Chan had something to do with this.  Also, some wrestling was involved.  The dream contained me going with some wrestler(s) to some place, but I had to take all my keys and just leave them somewhere due to increased security reasons.  I was not sure where I was going to put them, and my friend said I could not put them in her purse.  Another unrelated dream involved good old X-Files.  I am not sure how many this has me to, however, I know the numbers are starting to get up there.  Just think, JOHD, November 6th, which once seemed like years away, is starting to get close and closer to Reality!  Dana was pissed off at Fox because they were "off set", and he was talking about some friends he was talking to, and he had refered to her as Dana, and not Gillian.  I told her that she should refer to him as Spooky in real life.  In the next dream, I was being chased by some very young kids or something like that.  I decided to get into their car, and they had beer, and the one driving was super young.  Not a single kid of age.  I had called the police on my cell phone.  I had it away so they could hear what was going on and they would not see anything.  They were talking about killing people or something like that.  I some how got away, and I started talking to the person on the line.  I told her I was not very sure where I was, since the street signs had like 7 or so different names pointing in all kinds of directions.  Also, I had no clue which was was North, South, East, or West.  As I was walking, I had noticed snipers on top of roof tops.  I relayed this information, and started zagging all over.  I think I got shot in the leg.  The last dream I had was... ah... oh yeah, it was about a manager who I know at Qwest.  She had written this song, and was on some talk show or something like that, possibly TV, or it was radio.  She was playing the guitar and I was singing lyrics to it.  They were strange lyrics, and at the end when I was talking to her about it, I noted that many of them ended with good and got, or something similar to that.  Then poof... the "real world" took ahold of me, and here I am now.
     Well, I have things to do, most noticably, the fact it is Sunday, and I do not work.  However I have noticed one thing, and that is that I have not even been around the computer much of late.  In doing so, I have removed myself from a lot of friends, since this is how I communicate with most of them.  However, it is not all that way.  There are a select 2 or so who have reversed the flow of my own being and are not really talking to me anymore.  Since I am going, and have to catch up on things for it all to make sense, I wish not to get into that now, however, JOHD, it shall all be gotten soon.  Once again, this, I promise you.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0148p......
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