September 20th, 2001


Sound Bytes Well 0114p

"She's probably in bed with some other guy... poor bastard"

     I am not sure what has prompted it, however, today is a very Streets of Rage music day.  I decided to go dig out the soundtrack to both I and II.  {sigh} Maybe I should play it later this waking day.  I wish I had someone who knew how to play the game who would join me.  Streets of Rage I... I think I know the significance to this game, in fact, I am more than positive.  Streets of Rage was a game that many many moons ago, back around 1991, Streets of Rage came out.  It was Nov 11th, the birthday of Younger Uncle.  He got this game for Genesis, and we were all down in the basement (around 6 or so of us I think), and we were playing this game.  I remember listening to the music, thinking to myself, "Hey, this sounds like that one techno Pump up the Game song here and there."  The music was really good.  The game play took a while, but it was just unreal playing this game two players.  Of course, the biggest thing for me, I think, beyond the game music, is the relationship between Younger Uncle and myself.  Back in those days, he and I were as close as close could get.  I may have been a few hundred miles away, but when I went back to Homeland, he was someone I always made sure I was seeing.  We have done so much together.  I know I trusted him more than any other human being.  I gave complete faith in him.  If he thought something was okay, and I was not sure, then I would be able to do it.  If he went out to party, I would be there, faithfully by his side, almost like a side kick.  After all, it was his world over there, not mine.  I was just along for the ride.  The day he left for the service was the turning point of all time.  I would have given up everything for him.  All the electronics, all the games, everything, to just be able to find a log cabin and live out the rest of my days hanging with him.  I do not think I have ever been as close to another human being as I was with him.  Unfortunately, distance and time can do as much damage as it can good.  The fact that I would not get to see or barely hear from him for over 5 or so years, plus the fact he went and got married on me, has taken its toll on our relationship.  Distance is a double edge sword.  In this case, we would grab onto the sharp edge.  Not by choice...

Inseperatible Soilders of War

     [EVENTS years ago] Thinking about Younger Uncle, I come to the conclution he is what I had always looked for in any relationship, whether it be a male bestfriend, female bestfriend, or a girlfriend.  Someone who I could put absolute trust in.  Someone who would speak, and not a single question or doubt would come into my mind as to how they were.  Of course, Younger Uncle had a massive advantage over everyone, he was family.  It was not by chance him and I would meet.  It was, however, by choice that we would be as close as we were.  I remember the stepmonster incidents.  I was so happy... he felt my pain of having them attempting to join the family, and he shared the same feelings I did.  I think he was the only one.  I wanted them destroyed.  I did not like them, what they stood for, and most importantly, the fact that mother was choosing someone else over her baby boy.  I get sad just thinking about it.  How I was driven away, how the step monsters won, no matter how much I faught to get my family back.  Of course, there was no fighting with Younger Uncle.  He felt my pain, and he rose up with me to fight the evil stepmonsters.  I am greedy.  I would not be sad if his marraige failed.  In fact, if it did, I would convince him that we should get a place together.  This is the only time I would up and leave everyone behind, without thought.  A totally ID responce, not thinking of how it would effect me in the long run.  But it is wrong of me to not even care if his marriage fell through.  He is happy, and with his own flesh and blood on the way, I should stand by him, even if we have grown distant.  It kind of hits close to home, however, the fact that here I am, a single man, getting nothing more than older and a bit more senile.  I see it where no one else does.  Adoption?  Maybe it would not be such a good idea after all.  While the thoughts had grown slightly of late, so did the thought of how raising a kid in this world without even a mother figure would be totally unfair, and most likely, disturbing to the child.  Not to mention, I made a vow that in the event I ever had a kid, that I would make sure s/he had a sibling.  Because I look and see how my mind turned out by being an only child.

Snake Byte

     hEhEhE... well... if anything could whip tears from a tattered face, it would be our friend, the Poison of Snake.  Mwahaha!!  Not even a computer crash can stop me.  I am almost to a point where I can predict when the computer may crash.  I may be able to use this more towards my advantage.  Oh well... I was sad, and now, I am not.  Gone just like that.  Go mind.

Back to NY

     [EVENTS sun 9/2] Um... I think we possibly went somewhere to eat, however, I am not 100% sure, seeing as how we had just left from a BBQ.  I do know that we would end up going back to her place.  In fact... this would turn into sort of an early retirement for the night.

New York: Day Three

     [EVENTS mon 9/3] We went out to eat somewhere.  Um... unfortunately, I took the word vacation a little too far, and did not do a good job of writing down what we always did in Laurel.  Monday would show this to be very true, because I cannot remember what in the world I did on Monday.  Nutbunnies!

New York: Day Four

     [EVENTS tue 9/4] This is a day I would for sure remember.  I would go into work with NY Friend.  Also, this is where I started to read my D&D books, most notibly, the Dungeon Master's guide.  I wanted to find something productive to do while she and I were unable to interact with each other.  We would start off at StarBucks coffee shop.  By this time, there were two things that were more than clear to me.  Chocolate had some very strange powers over her, and StarBucks would be some sacred worship place.  Wow, these NY beings are bizarre.  So after grabbing a quick drink and bagle type snack, we went to her work.  I would sit near her desk, and finally be able to understand what was going on when we would AIM while she was at work, or when she would call from work.  It was good to get the mental image, for future reference.  Crazy Maddian mind.  My reading would be cut short, however, as I would pass out in the chair.  This whole waking up before the sun does is not something my body is use to, nor do I think it liked me for it.  (Okay... maybe I cannot predict when the computer is always going to crash.  Stupid helicopter computer.  Okay, I do not get as much as five things typed and you crash on me AGAIN you bastard computer!!  The second I pay off my credit card, it is down for a new hard drive, new video card, stupid copy of an upgrade for Win98, and you are toast.  Anyway... back to business...)

Sharper Swordfish

     So she took me down to the South Street Pier 17.  The first place here we went was... the Sharper Image store.  Oh my word... the place I had gone to on the net was right here, in front of me.  No clicking fifty times to attempt to see what items were what.  They were all right there, in front of me, calling my name, telling me to take them all back to Iowa.  They all wanted me more than a horny drunken prom queen.  Oh... was this Iowa?  No, it was electronical toys.  From there, we would go to some place to eat.  The name escapes me.  The price escaped me also.  Glad food was on the house, hehehe.  I ended up getting swordfish.  I was not sure if I had had it before.  I did hear of it, that much I knew.  It was oh so darn wonderful.  Possibly the best fish I had ever eaten.  Aye, JOHD, even more so than cod.

View from Above

     We would go back to her office.  We would go to like the 57th floor or something like that, to see one of her friends, and someone else who had been on an extended vacation.  While we were up there, I got to look out of the window.  Wow... this was better than looking out a small 6" x 6" plane window.  As we were sitting down, I could feel the room move, ever so slightly.  A most interesting feeling.  Having a thing for heights, I was hoping to some day go up higher, maybe on the Twin Towers or something.  Not an expectation, or even a hope.  Just something that may be different for someone such as myself some day.  Once again, the unfortunate truth was that I was not keeping track of what I was doing as much as I should have been, knowing how poor my memory is.  In fact, I think NY friend got a good taste of how forgetful I am.  I forgot to mention that going into Sat 9/1, I had shaved half of my face, and "forgot" to finish the rest.  Aye... I had half a shaven face.  hEhEhE!!  Some times, I even amaze myself with my wackiness.

Work Time Blues

     [EVENTS now] Well, seeing as how I am working more on my time management, I guess this is the part where I tell you that I am going to work.  Work, work, work.  Madd predicts an indifferent time at work today.  I do not see the domination that I had yesterday.  Oh well, no loss here.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0300p......
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