September 19th, 2001


Part One of the NY Experience 1257a

"In my mind, I think how wonderful it is to be free.  I think how wonderful it is to be alive and have those in my life who care and love me.  I think how wonderful it is to be able to give something back to those I love.  It is said that it is by chance I have met them, and by choice that we would become friends.  To all who made the choice, I thank you all.  My my love for you never grow dim, and may you feel my love forever more."

     [EVENTS now] Hey, JOHD.  Got done watching Shawshank Redemption on DVD.  With everything the way it is in the world, I started to look deep into my own mind.  I was curious what was in there, and I found many things.  Some of which I think I have been attempting to avoid.  Maybe it is out of fear... maybe out of caution of things that have been, and things that I had not want to have been.  However, I do feel it is important that I look into what is known as my life.  Looking back, I may see how my life was nothing more than a one sided event, not wanting to have been made.  However, it was made, and I think it best I make what it has become and what abilities that I have.  The world can be a cold place.  I think it time I extend a blanket of warmth for those who are in need.

Long Arse Reflection

     I take a quick break to reflect... 1242p okay, so it was more than a quick break.  So I passed out, what else would you expect from me, JOHD old friend?  So anyway, we made a lot of progress.  I see that work is closing in on us, but I still think we can get a lot of work done.  Then again, the computer did just crash, so, who knows, maybe not, haha.  I am a fighter, JOHD.  Always have been the one to get back on the horse despite the fact the thing throws me off.  In fact, this is the first time in a long time that I have everything ready.  I am so ready for work, and look forward to dominating those customers.  But as for the hour I have left, I wish to get through NY.

Better than Zest

     [EVENTS sat 9/1] So, the big day.  As expected, Poison of Snake was more than able to wake me up.  I love the power rush I feel when that blairs at a loud volume.  It truly is one of the top two most powerful songs I know.  I was hoping to get a few things done, however, that never happened, for by the time I was outta the shower, dITZ was here to pick me up.  So, we left for the airport.  Many of the events, thoughts, and happenings while I was in NY are referenced under NYT01.  A lot of extra things of my trip shall be found there.  Also, there are a few things that I do not remember the actual day they happened, JOHD, and I shall reference them at the end of the actual days that I do remember.

New York: Day One

     I was anxious.  Most of this came from the fact that I was not sure if I had everything with me that I wanted.  The other was concern that my stuff was not going to make it to NY okay.  But at the same time, I was more than thrilled that I was heading on a jet plane.  The plane ride to St Louis was a fast one.  It was an hour trip that seemed to last about 20 or so minutes.  I spent the entire time looking out at the window.  I was looking at bodies of water, houses, and cars that looked so small, it was almost difficult to believe there was people in those small things.  I then got to the St Louis airport.  I found out that my flight had been delayed.  In fact, my flight was the only one delayed.  I was running around looking for my baggage, when the lady at one of the things was kind enough to tell that I was obviously new at this.  She asked if St Louis was my final destination, and I said no, I was going to NY.  She said my stuff would be put on the other plane.  Hmm... once she said that, it seemed more than logical, and I could not believe I had not thought of that myself.  If I remember correctly, this would be the first plane flight that would require me to take more than one plane.  So, then I called NY Friend, and I also called Maur.  This would be the first time I would speak with Maur, voice to voice.  I think he was a little taken by the fact it was me.  However, we chatted on the phone the same way we do on-line.  That was reassuring to know.  NY Friend was doing some research to the delaying of my flight.  The flight would turn out to be an hour delayed.  I think NY Friend was almost as frantic about this delay as I was.  I just wanted to get to my final destination.  On a funny side note, I heard the word final destination quite a few times, and each time, I thought to the actual movie Final Destination.  That always brought a laugh to my mind.  So, I would finally take off.  This time, the flight attendant who did the overhead announcements was really cool.  He was darn funny, unlike the extremely serious one I had on the other plane.  He mentioned something about how it was not there fault, we were going to an airport that had like only one stip open, for the others were being worked on.  He said we could send some goverment person a letter of complaint and see the wheels of the goverment do nothing in action, or something funny like that.  He was really cool. 

The City so Nice They Named it Twice

     So, finally, we were informed of our arrival to New York.  He was sure to tell of some of the things we could see, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Twin Towers, and various other things.  I could not see the Statue of Liberty from my seat, however, I was able to see the infamous World Trade Towers.  Difficult to miss two building that big, even from as high as we were up.  I saw some bridges, but I have no idea which one was which.  So we landed, and I was going to wait and be the last person off the plane, since I knew she would be looking for me.  However, the people behind me were being way too slow, so I decided to deboard.  As soon as I walked out of the plane, I would get a phone call.  hEhEhE!!  How typical, I so should have known she would do that.  I was still not able to tell where she was, until I saw... my sign.  hEhEhE!!  Man, that was so funny, I actually had my own sign welcoming me to NY.  It said, "Master of Maddness".  I knew I would some how get her to call me master, mwahaha!!  So she hung up on me, even though I was still talking to her, I think, and went to give her the expected hug.  It was a nice big hug.  It had a lot of feeling and emotion behind it.  Afterwards, I was still in awe of my surrounding enviroment.  I had a lot of input to take in.  This new surroundings was going to take a while to sink in.  We went to her car, and then we took off.  Our conversation hit off instantly, just as it was on-line and on the phone.  Only this time, Madd had the advantage of being able to read body language.  Madd likes body language.  Well, on the way to her place, I would experience NY driving.  Oh... my... word... for the first time in my driving/riding experience, I felt a little bit of fear.  Not even the people in Illinois drive anywhere near this insane.  People weave in and out, and use the horn more than their brake.  NY Friend was right at home, even when she almost RAN into a car that I started to scream about, since it was on my side, and was already going into the lane she was turning into.  Talk about excitement.

Behold the Power of Chocolate

     We went to her house so I could drop my stuff off, and I could give her my gift.  It was an attempt to live some part of the fairy tale that she always talked about.  I knew she had some liking to chocolate, however, later in the trip I would find out just how much.  Her parents spoke Yorker.  Yorker was my word for a New Yorker, one who live and act that of someone living in New York.  It was cool, I have always been one for accents.  To this day, I think the British accent is my flavorite.  Well, I think they liked my chocolate.  It had melted just tad.  It must have had something to do with NY being closer to the sun or something I thought.

Meet S

     We went to pick up S and go to what NY Friend would call a mini Mets (pronounced 'mes') game.  They were the A ball version of the NY Mets.  As I was still taking in my surrounding world, I was very not paying attention to around me.  I had my foot up and I accidently had pinned the hair of some little girl in front of me.  I realized what had happened as I saw her struggling, and I felt bad... at least until I got a taste of my first person of Yorker attitude.  The mother looked at me, almost as if she was evil, and demanded that I put my foot down as she attempted to stare me down.  The stare was meant to intimidate me, and it did not, in fact, it angered me.  I do requests, not demands, if she wanted me to put my foot down, she could have asked nicely.  Needless to say, my foot stayed up, even though I was paying more attention to where it was.  hEhEhE!!  Oh yeah, and guess who was the ones to leave first.  Yeah, bitch, be seated.  There is a saying that New York considers itself the center of the universe.  Here was my first real life experience of that.  We would wind things down after the game and if I remember correctly, we grabbed something to eat.

New Work: Day Two

     [EVENTS sun 9/2] This day would basically turn into a trip out to a BBQ some where in Jersy (spoken with Yorker accent).  I would get to meet my first New York Jew, which some might say looked and acted similar to Bett Middler.  I could see how someone would think such a thing.  "Let's talk".  She found me interesting, I could tell, as did her husband.  I was on the couch, and they would come over and start talking to me.  They were asking about my name (who doesn't?), where I was from, and what have you.  She ended up taking off for something, and I talked to the husband for a little bit.  It was about his love for the game.  He told me how she was not into baseball or many other sports, and then he began with the story of how he was at a Yankee game (I do believe it was a Yankee game, my sports history is not to par).  I guess the pitcher was in the middle of a perfect game, and he really went into his story.  I think he told it a few times, it was enjoyable to listen to him talk about it.  He had to leave the last inning, but was able to tell from the overhead that it was indeed a perfect game.

From NY to Iowa in One Second

     Well, time to go and do that job thing.  Passing out last night was really not my plan, and is the next thing in my life that I am going to correct, JOHD.  No more passing out, must fight it at all costs.  I can do it, JOHD, I can do anything.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0257p......
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