September 18th, 2001


Thank You OT Release

     Well, they released OT, which means that I do not have to work until 0700p.  I should be able to get a lot of writting finished.  However, the computer is acting very strange.  Nothing is showing on IE at all, and a lot of other programs are giving me crazy errors.  I am not sure what is going on, so I shall do all work from off line, and I hope that I can get everything working here soon.
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The Life of Many Daze 0401p

"When a man lies, he murders some part of the world."

     [EVENTS now] Well, JOHD, I had my OT released, so, I am going to shut down net connectivity, put my phone in DND mode (allowing emergancy calls through), and write, write, write.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  I am still way back on last month.  I was even getting up to the really good part of the porn, where I go to the other room, grab a pizza, knock on the door, have her answer, and I am wearing nothing and say, "Hey, baby, did you order the sausage pizza with extra sausage?" and she goes, "Yes I did," as she takes all her clothes off... er... wait a minute, I think that was a dream that went the wrong way.  Mwahaha!!

The PG Porn

     [EVENTS mon 8/27] So, after we watched our movies, we went to bed.  I did not get a lot of sleep.  At first, I was playing with her hair, since we had come to the conclusion that is what I was going to end up doing at some point she was there, and it was true, if given the chance, I will do that.  At some part of the night, I would wake up, and would have my arm around her.  I would wake up multiple times, and be up for a while, and we would be in a different position of some sort.  She moves around a lot when she sleeps.  Some point I woke up around 0745a, and I do not think I really slept much beyond this point.  I think the biggest reason that I was not getting sleep was the fact that she was actually "hugging" me.  She was hugging me enough that at one point, our legs became intertwined.  I had a really good feeling, and knew if I feel alseep, I would be missing out on this.  That is the reason I would not get back to sleep much when I woke up.  I knew down inside that I would not get to see her much.  Being over an hour and thrity minutes from someone means knowing that time together would be short.  I wanted to take in as much of the moment as I could, even though my body was tired and would fade out every now and then.  I do not remember what I had dreamed the few times I had gotten some sleep.  Well, some point later while I was awake, and rubbing her back, and what have you, she actually woke up, and I could tell she had woken up.  Some times, people appear to be wake, and talk to you and everything, but they are actually asleep.  I use to do that all the time when I was younger, my mother has told me.  I would have full conversations with her, and not even be awake.  Well, I would carress her hair and face, and my lips were right on her forehead.  At some point around 1000a, I would kiss her neck, and she would end up kissing me on the lips.  It was a euphoric moment when that happened.  A deep rooted energy took over a lot of my mind and body.  It was truly beyond a wonderful experience.  We finally had kissed.  We kissed for a while.  I think I could almost hear the Emergancy Broadcasting System ooze from her ears, but maybe that was just me, hEhEhE!!  While kissing, I noticed her body was almost fighting itself.  I am not sure if she was caught into the moment, or if maybe parts of her were thinking beyond just kissing.  While in my mind, I would fantasize drastically about her, I knew there was no way I was going to go beyond kissing, no matter how much any part of me may have wanted to.  This was too good to just throw it all away in the heat of passion.  If anything, history has taught me to not jump into everything.  Things require thought.  I am not sure where her mind was.  I am not exactly sure what was going on there, or what she wanted.  I could tell by the way I was kissing her that she wanted to definately kiss me.  As I would draw towards her lips, I could see her prepare for me, well before I was there, since I would being very slow at times, on purpose, almost as if playing.  Of course, there was no games here.{sigh} Just thinking back to that moment really brings a rush of emotions through my heart and mind.  How exactly was I feeling about her?  This would be an answer that I would not know at that time.  I will say this much.  A great relief came over my self.  It was as if massive tension had been let go, and I was allowed to get on with my usual self.  I think one of the concerns I had was hearing of her past with sensualness.  It was as if the first time she was around me, she really had not given me much thought at all.  All the talk of her thinking of me, more like that of what Kit had done in saying she loved me when Kit did not.  This would wipe clean those thoughts.  It would be later reinforced when we would talk about the moment, and how she said she was perfectly comfortable in my arms the way we were.  I realized how much this was an issue with her, even with people beyond close to her, like mother or brother.  So, this is where things could possibly start.  At least in my mind.

Old and New Alike

     Well, I would get to have some chats before going to work.  I would chat to an old friend known as Nanalei.  She is someone I talked to a long time ago on ICQ.  I had written her an email a little while ago since it had been around a year or so since I had spoke with her.  We caught each other on AIM, and the first time I messaged her, she said she was too busy.  Well, she was too busy chatting with other people.  Seeing as how I was someone who was attempting to chat with her, I knew exactly how to take that.  I mean, you do not talk to someone for a year, and they find you, and you say you are too busy chatting with other people, well, I know where the priorities lay are at.  I would also get to chat with NY Friend, referenced Fo040.  We talked about the upcoming trip.  We also talked about how we were going to set time for each other later this night.  As I had talked about how things went with Iowa City Gal, I believe NY Friend would show signs of jealousy.  Who knows, I could ahve been wrong.  She seemed to attack one of my principles rather easily without getting any background information about it.  The principle was on first moves.  I would also chat with Angry Human.  I would learn more about events that had unfolded.  This chat is referenced under Me056.  West Coast Girl would wish me the best against Maur.  Like I was going to need any luck, he was going down.  We would also talk about a friend that was going to visit her.  This is referenced as Qu024.

The Chat After

     The other chat I would get in would be with Iowa City Gal, referenced as Su010.  We talked about what happened, and what was or was not on our mind about each other.  I got a kick outta her comment how "your not something I was prepared for."  Ha, I am not something anyone can prepare for.  She is also bothered about how much I like her.  This could present some sort of possible problem.  Maybe at some point I should talk to her more about this.


     Before work, I had written to the humans about going to private entries as well as the chats that I had.  I am not all sure what I did at work.  I do know that I was not stuck deep in thought about Iowa City Gal.  I felt much better about things between us, even if we would go our seperate ways, in my mind, I saw that something was resolved.  Apparently all this thought would dull an important aspect of my observational skills, and that includes preparation for the unexpected.  As I came home, and headed towards my apartment door, something was moving behind me, and I turned to see what it was, and I about had a heartattack.  I am sure everyone heard me let out a yell, then start to laugh uncontrollably.  There was what appeared to be a bird or more likely a bat flying around the stairs leading up to the next floor.  I was just not prepared to see such a thing, and it spooked me tremendously.

Undivided Attention to NY

     So I would come home, and I would chat with NY Friend.  As stated, I told her that I would give her my undivided attention.  She would only get distracted a few times.  She would talk about her feelings towards me.  She also confirmed belief in jealousy towards Iowa City Gal.  I would talk about some philosophies I had in life, such as humans and relationships.  I would also briefly explain my Mirror Effect™.  Religon and God would be another topic of discussion.  This entire chat is referenced as Fo041 and would last into the next day.

Yet to Break a Promise

     [EVENTS tue 8/28] I would chat with West Coast Girl about her friend visting her, referenced as Qu025.  I would also call up Iowa City Gal.  I had promised that I would, and I have yet to break a promise, and never do I intend to.  What would I talk to her about?  Um... good question.  I am sure the question of her and I would come up a few times, and our usualy random chat, which I have come to really enjoy.  As for anything else, well, I am not sure.  I am not even sure how the conversation ended.  Stupid helicopter brain!

Saving Texas

     I would message Alienesse.  She was not really saying much to me, so I was going to let her be, since it appeared for some reason that she did not want to talk.  She would ask for me to wait, and that is when everyone would come out, referenced as Al134.  It appears that she had been planning to remove me off her list, and that had hurt me a little bit, but at the same time, I brought the full flux of our precious chat into swing, and realized that I had hurt her more than I could have imagined.  We would really have a stong heart to heart chat.  I think it would turn out to be the most emotional chat we would both have with each other, phone or net, since we had known each other.  I was actually tearing... I felt really bad for my own actions, and was not happy how I had acted.  I was not living out the roll of good friend.  A lot of how I had been I realized was due to me feeling she did not give a rat's ass about me.  However, she would mention a few things that would prove a different light to my brain.  I took everything to what she had meant it to be, and we were so into telling each other's story, that we had to "take turns" talking to each other without the other breaking in and saying anything until we said it was okay.  At the end of the chat, my heart had been healed from the damage that we have caused each other over the course of us knowing each other.  This would be one of the best chats I could have with a human.  Of course, it had to end, for we chatted into a good part of the morning almost, and I was starting to lose grasp of things.  It was time for sleep.

Quickie: NY Style

     I would get a quick chat in with NY Friend after I woke up before I would go over to get Myles.  I picked up Myles and we went over to Wynsong so we could see what I would later dub as one of the top 10 comedy movies of all time, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Madd and Myles Strike Back (SPOILER)

     So Myles and I went to watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  To anyone who would watch this movie, please make sure you watch the following ones, in this order: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars" Episode One, ET, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Good Will Hunting.  You will get the most laugh for you money this way.  (WARNING!! THIS IS A POSSIBLE SPOILER FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN "JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK", THE MOVIE BY KEVIN SMITH. SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE UNTIL YOU SEE END SPOILER AT THE TOP OF YOUR BROWSER IF YOU WISH NOT TO HAVE ANY MENTIONING OF JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK RUINED FOR YOU.)

Is Kevin Smith a Star Wars Fan?  Ha, I think since Clerks this was made evident.  I am not sure if any of his movies do not have some reference to Star Wars.  We start off with baby Silent Bob and baby Jay.  We would see how the two started off in front of the Quick-Stop.  I also was more than happy that I did my homework before watching this movie.  The only movie I did not see which I should have first was Good Will Hunting.  The inside jokes almost killed me.  The fact they mentioned something out of a cartoon, just to see the Mystery Machine, almost gave me hear failure.  I think I have a glips of what the Scooby Doo live action movie is going to be like.  So basically, Jay and Silent Bob are attempting to go to Hollywood to stop a movie based on Bluntman & Chronic (from Chasing Amy) who are characters based off of Jay and Silent Bob.  Jay gets a huge boner for Justice (AKA Shannon Elizabeth, also in American Pie and Scary Movie).  Besides a big boner, he "falls in love" Jay style.  Every movie is referenced in some way shape or form.  The one real line that Kevin Smith has is a true classic part.  I think everyone watching about lost it.  I know Myles and I almost did.  The one thing that I wondered about was the four times that the characters would make a reference to something "outside movie", and then look at the camera, like the first reference that Holden states saying, "Who would pay money to see a Jay and Silent Bob movie?"  Things like that are always a possible backfire, and this time, I think it went through okay, even though Ben Aflleck (played by himself) talking to Matt Damon (playing as himself) about how sometimes you have to make a movie to pay back a director, then them both looking at the camera, was absolutely brillent.  I think the best way this movie works, is if you have seen any of the Kevin Smith movies, then you should go watch them all for sure, then watch this movie.  There is even a special treat for Star Wars fans, as not only does Carrie Fisher make an appearance, but Mark Hammil gets to relive his Empire Stikes Back role.  Is it just me, or does Randel look 10 years older in this picture as opposed to Clerks?  hEhEhE!!  I give this two mother mother fuck fuck thumbs way up my arse.  This movie rocks.  To top it all off, there really IS a!!

If That Money Doesn't Show Then You Owe Me Owe Me Owe!


So I was correct... at least 95% wise, I was ready for this movie.

Life at Sonic Proportions

     So Myles and I were hungry.  I took us to Sonic, and we at food.  I was noticing some butterflies flapping around and appeared to be mating or something.  My mind had focused on life and everything.  I just started looking around, observing how life was either going around us, or how it was just sitting there in slow motion, like the plants that everyone would just not look at.  I am not sure how to describe it, JOHD.

Maddian Lemonade... to Deliver

     So I took Myles home, and would end up going to work.  The only mentionable thing about work was going to a meeting, and having Stephine talk about when I had made her lemonade way back when I was fixing her computer from an evil virus.  She went on and on to the people about how great it was, and she even set up a time that I would be able to make some for her party she was having.  I think it was coming up on her 30th birthday.  She wanted a LARGE order!  I was sure it would be no problem, she wanted it Friday, the day before I was set to go to NY.


     I would catch up on some emails, including some long over due ones to Mair.  I would also get a few chats in, including a quickie to NY Friend.  hEhEhE!!  Man, that is so funny, JOHD, check it out as Fo043.  I would also chat into the next day with Maur.

The Love of Texas

     [EVENTS wed 8/29] I would chat with Alienesse.  We should show each other how much we appricaited each other as friends.  It was a nice and long chat referenced as Al135.  West Coast Girl and I would had a big talk about the problems she was mentally facing with her friend coming up and seeing her.  This is referenced as Qu026.  I would eventually go to bed.

Porn Comedy

     I would get a nice wake up call from Iowa City Gal.  We would talk about us, her last relationship, and we would even talk about you, JOHD.  I swear that you are getting more popular than me, hEhEhE!!  There would be many chats.  The hardly around Amy would pay homage, since she was having computer issues, and who is the computer master?  More flirting with West Coast Gal.  hEhEhE!!  Man, some of this so called flirting sports more humor and comedy than any form of sexuality when I go back and read it.  Besides flirting, we got into a conversation about sexual positions.  I would also get to chat with NY Friend.  Oh man, she sent me something while I was sleeping, and if I was wearing pants, I would so be pissing them.  "Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." - Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc., 1989.  I would also get to chat with Anna.  She is someone I use to hang out with long ago.  She is seeing someone, which is a change of pace for her from what I remember of her.  We talked about the past we had together, and she mentioned how I had taught her something.  Yet another perosn who learns due to my existance?  Wow, the world never ceases to amaze me.  She said we stopped talking because she did not feel needed.  Do I really give that vibe to humans?  I know she would not be the first, nor am I sure she would be the last.  I am doing something... what in the world is it?  dITZ would message me stating that her fish D, of many moons, would have died.  Chat is referenced as dI098.  On ICQ, I would chat with Heaven Eyes, a friend who I met once at Vic & Andy's.  We talked about the one time her and I met, since I was getting information out of her.

Candle Wax Buildup

     [EVENTS now] I just lit 6 candles.  It has been a while since I have had candle action going on anywhere.  Maybe it is because I am partically drunk, or maybe it deals witht he fact my mind is crying out.  All I know, is that this music, and these candles, are really putting me in a very good state.  hEhEhE!!  Long live JOHD, defender of the Maddian mind!  We now take me back to my regular scheduled mentality.

The Drunken Generation

     [EVENTS wed 8/29] So, after work, of course, it would be off to Generations, so that I could drink, and hopefully with my friend Merv.  Well, he would be to par with me, for as I was walking after illegally parking my car, he would also be walking on his way.  It was most excellent.  I think I was called by NY Friend at this time after I had been drinking only one drink.  I do not think I drank that much, however, I ended up getting rather drunk.  Maybe it was the excellent company.

Key to the Horny Drunks

     [EVENTS thu 8/30] I was very hungry, so, I told Merv we were both going to Perkins.  We went there, and NY Friend would call.  As I was talking to NY Friend, Iowa City Gal would call, and I would not click over, since I was in a conversation with NY Friend.  I was rather horney at the time, and with all Iowa City Gal and I had been talking, I thought it best I not speak to her while I was extremely not having a hold of my own hormones.  It was so funny, for Merv said something about him being very tired, he wanted to know which key went to the car, and that he was going to go lay down.  hEhEhE!!  That drunk bitch!  hEhEhE!!

Bob Dylan?  You Mean He is Still Alive?

     So I would go home and chat with a few people, of which would be Alienesse and West Coast Gal.  The chat with West Coast Gal, referenced as Qu028 would go to show just how horny I was before I would eventually pass out, and I mean pass out hard core.  Man... I have to hold my tired cells better when I have been drinking, as well as my hornymons.  hEhEhE!!  Ahhhh!!  JOHD!  If I was a cow, milk would so be coming out of my nose right now.

Naked Breakfast

     I woke up early.  I think the fact I passed out naked had something to do with it.  I think I woke up naked because I had sex with myself?  hEhEhE!!  Hahaha, man, heck if I know, I do know I should not have been up so darn early.  But that is what happens when I sleep naked.  Of course, I think there were other powers at work here.  There is a possibility that NY Friend is coming to understand the powers of 5th Dimentional Thinking™.  Who knows?  That is referenced under Fo045.  We would talk more about the whole first move issue.  I would get into good detail, but not full, of 5th Dimentional Thinking™ with NY Friend.  We would also talk about every type of dimentional creature up to 5th.  The chat would also include definitions of "perfect".

Laundry... Okay, How about Tomorrow?

     Well, I would end up going over to Gem and dITZ place so that I could get my laundry done (or have it done for me), and also get some time in with dITZ and Gem before I took off to NY.  By the time I had gotten there, I had to take dITZ to work, and when I got back, I would end up playing Sims for most of the night.

Mario Must DIE!!

     [EVENTS fri 8/31] I would end up playing Sims until it decided to crash.  I was glad that I had been saving it from time to time.  I remember way back when I first started to play it, I had all this cool stuff done, only to have their computer crash and everything lost.  I was smarter this time!  Then I would play some SSB with dITZ, and well as get some Mario Party done with the gang.  The one thing I have noticed about playing Mario Party is that people always tend to leave or just lose interest or something like that.  I am getting to the point that if no one wants to play SSB that I would just rather not play anything at all.  Some time after, we would go out to eat (dITZ, Gem, Madd).  It would be at some Chinese place.  The crab rangoo(sp?) there were different, for they almost deep vat fried them or something.  After that, I would be sent back to their place, and rush myself to the mall.  I had chocolate that I wanted to make sure to pick up for NY Friend.  I knew how much she enjoyed chocolate, from what I had heard, and I wanted to be sure to make the visit as memorable as possible.  Chocolate seemed like my best bet at the time.  After that, I would bid everyone a later, and go over to Stephine's to make the lemonade that she was wanting.  This would be my largest order ever.  I made over 6 gallons of Moch 10.  I had to do a lot of improve since I had never made so much before and was short some ingredients that I would have rather of had.

Problems on Walnut

     [EVENTS sat 9/01] After spending way more time than expected making the drink, I returned home to see that Alienesse had written me a lot.  I came to realize how much I miss her just writting away while she knew I was gone.  I so wish she would do it more often when she logs on and sees that I am not around.  All referenced as Al137.  I was worried I would almost not find my Tetris, however, my mental abilities were with me.  Thank goodness I found it.  It was good that I was still up for there were people having some sort of dimestic dispute or something outside, and I do believe they were the party animals that would live above me.  It sounds like they pick someone up, throw him or her on the floor, and then jump on them.  I really wish they would stop making so much noise that late at night.  I wanted to get to bed, but my brain seemed like it was far away from such.  A lot on my mind, and the people upstairs were not helping one bit at all.  Your typical Madd about to go some place totally foreign type of deals.  Well, Iowa City Gal would call me.  That was fine, it was a welcome change of pace.  It would turn out that I would get about two hours of sleep before waking again.

Just a Few More Moments, Coach

     [EVENTS now] Well, JOHD, my friend, I have written quite a bit.  I wish to add this to your existance, and then continue to write after I do a few things.  Hey, the computer only crashed like four times, and I only ate around 3 dinners while writting this.  There was only 1.5 bowel movements as well.  Tee-hee, not to mention, I am finishing off all alcohol from my place.  The next entry shall detail the NY experience.  I want to get a few things done before I tackle that.  Catch you in a few, old friend.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0848p......
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