August 26th, 2001


It Moves, Just a Little Slow at Times 0255p

"Most people would rather die than think: many do"

     Hmm... I just remembered more of my dream last night that I had already written, so I think I should finish that. Okay, much better.  Okay, well, I think I can get some more info in before I have to go to work.  I plan that in two days we should be all caught up.  Doesn't that make you happy, JOHD?  Now if only LJ would stay up long enough for me to print out each of my friends so I could catch up with them.  Then, just some email, and I am all set!  To let you know, wise friend, I have been winning a lot against the procrastination demon.  Yeah for Madd!

Chat Master 2000

     [EVENTS wednesday cont.] So besides Iowa City Gal, I would get to chat a little with West Coast Girl.  I would chat with Scub. It would be a while since I would have a reference for her, it is Sc73.  dITZ would catch me again also.  She has started to send me lots of IMs, and it makes me happy, because I do not start conversation well when I am attempting to catch up on things, however, I almost always welcome it, at least, when I have no away message up.  Jacy would also message me.  She was having babysitting issues, referenced under Ja135.

When You Wish Upon a Starrr

     One of the unexpected IMs would come from Star.  I remember back when she use to send me email about how she could not go without her fix of Madd, as she would say.  She also use to look for me actively.  However, as stated, she has dropped me many notices from her priority list.  The chat, referenced as St190, would be a general chat, and it would go well, at least from my view.  She keeps making this claim that she does not call, come over, or initiate chat due to it not feeling right, and that was attributed to the last few times she was over.  I see that as an excuse, actually.  It is nothing more than a scape goat to give reason for her actions, as opposed to taking these so called feelings and talking about them.  I realize that at some point in our relationship together, I was an extremely controlling individual.  I said and did things to keep her in control.  Now, maybe that is the whole problem, that I did that in the past, and she still holds this against me.  While I have forgiven her for all that has happened in our past, I feel that maybe she has not forgiven me, and maybe this is due to the fact, she does not realize that I actually require being forgiven.  I think I do.  But to this point, as long as she sees me on-line, the priority for me is almost nil.  While a lot of the chat was general or about school, she did make arrangements to come over to see me.  She makes this chicken noodle stuff that I could eat by the pounds and pounds.  That stuff is ooooh so good, and while she says that she makes enough for about 5 or 6 people, I always am able to eat all of it.  I wish I could always have more.  Another noticable thing was the KY joke I made, of which she actually played along with.  It was a joke I made strickly to check her reaction.  When she said he must have missed because the wrong part was hurting, I got extreme humor.  Maybe there is hope for our friendship after all...

Jeppy the Living Time Piece

     Of all the net encounters I have, I think Jeppy has to be the one who writes towards me the most.  This includes the times I am away.  As I remember correctly, he is a 14 year old from Iowa some where.  I think he is a friend of someone who I know.  But he is always willing to start up a conversation, and of course, each conversation starts off with him telling me how long I have been on-line, and at times, how long I have been idle.  He does this even when he knows I am not around and would not be able to reply back to him, since he appears to be on a dial up, and is not on all the time.  I had commented to him how he was the most reliable time piece that I ever had in my life.  I think he liked that fact.  This is referenced under Je03.  Why is almost EVERYONE I know 400 years younger than me?  I think that could cause me legal issues in the future, hEhEhE!!

Delayed Sting

     Stingray... {sigh} it has been a while since I have really gotten to chat with him.  He came in with the usual, asking if I have played any of the old games we got when he was back, which I have not.  I get a lot more enjoyment from those games when he is around.  Something about the nostalgia about it.  Also, as usual, he would ask how my MP3 conversions of his appearance on net radio were coming along.  I would hint about the music he is suppose to be making for me!  All I have are those few, and I so want him to make me more on his guitar.  He also told me about his new CD coming out, Unwrapped For Your Pleasure.  This is all referenced under Se37.

Chat Master 2000

     East Coast Girl would catch me a second time, since I was suppose to be away, but Stingray, her, and someone else caught me before I got my away message up.  I was talking to you about many things.  I was attempting to make some catch up.  Well, I also still forget things, so I would not turn down this chat, referenced as Qu22.  It seemed like it had been a while, but we would flirt slightly before i finally let her go, for the second time, since i had come to a stopping point with you.

Still Battling

     Well, I would make it off the computer, however, I was not off when I had originally wanted to.  However, it still shows that I am battling and not giving up.  I would, get ready for this, JOHD, start to CLEAN!  Aye, you hear me right wise chap.  I started the cleaning process.  I would not have too much time to clean, but I would get some done.  So now I was ready to take on work.

The Dr Gets Analyzed

     I went to work, and for the first time in a very long time, I did not get any aggrivated customers for a long time.  I made it up to my first break without a single angry customer.  My mind was so prepped.  I had gotten a message from Iowa City Gal, and listened to it.  It was about how she told something from you, and sent it to a good friend of hers.  This friend did some sort of analysis of Madd in relation to Iowa City Gal.  She mentioned how she hoped I would not get angry or anything about that.  She also added the fact she was still sorry for some thing, and wanted to talk about it still.  My mind was really starting to wonder here.  I would spend a good time replying to her VM.  In fact, I got an 8 second warning to finish up what I was saying.  I would tell her, multiple times, that whatever she was sorry for, that there was no need for it.  She had given me more of an indication of how she "felt" towards me, which was almost opposite of what I had told you about during her stay here.  I think this is the key to the sorrys that I had been getting.

From Good to Uncertain in 15

     After break, work was still going rather well.  There were very few long calls, and only towards the end did Reality step in, and "I am the most important person the the world" customers started finding their way towards me.  However, my heart would sink when I was informed that it appeared I would not be making training class two.  This some what aggrivated me, but since it was still in rumor state, I was going going to go into mexican overdrive.

Better Than a 180 Million Powerball

     After work, I would trek over to Wal Mart and pick up some food.  I would return home, and do the inimaginable.  Aye, JOHD, I cleaned up lots!  You will so not believe what I found!  I found an old stereo, NEVER OPENED, which was in a box about 1.2' x 1' x 1.9'.  hEhEhE!!  HOW IN THE WORLD DOES SOMEONE LOSE SOMETHING LIKE THAT??  I had thought the entire time the box was there that I had used it to store things in, since I do that a lot.  I get boxes to things, like VCRs, TVs, and stick papers and items in there.  Well, needless to say, at the time, this was better than winning the powerball.  I found CDs I thought were forever lost, including the Alice Cooper that I mentioned to you a while back.  I am not sure what date it was, since LJ is down and I cannot check.  If I remember, I talked about it through entry "For a Little While Longer...".  I just had a happy time cleaning.  At the same time, I was waiting for contact from Iowa City Gal, so we could get a "long over" chat taken care of.

The Wednesday That Lasted Over Three Days

     [EVENTS now] Well, I think this would be a good stopping point, JOHD.  Wow, Wednesday has been one of the more complicated days to translate to you.  I guess the "issue" with Iowa City Gal really added to the pot, as did Star coming out of no where.  You know, it does not seem like Sunday.  It seems like a weekday, and it odd I even say that since the last job that shot me Mon through Fri with weekends off would have been my temp work at Norwest Card Services.  Wow, that brings back memories!  Hey, I actually got to talk to you about Norwest Card Services.  Sweet!  Well, I have some important VM I think I am suppose to check from work.  I also want more food, hEhEhE!!  Master of Maddness, signing off 0418p......
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