August 25th, 2001


T Minus 7 Days 1049p

"No good deed goes unpunished"

[Madd's World Update]
- the new address is now
- all pages have been changed to reflect new address change
- start.htm now points as a redirection
- 'Paging Dr Madd' added for access to Dr Shrink Personality X-ray
- new 'The Book' entries
- 5 new dreams added
- 'Calendar-O-Maddness' update to 08/31

     [EO now,Friday] Well, JOHD old friend, it appears that the procrastination demon is losing it's battle against me.  This is so great to know!  I am so winning.  Notice I said winning and not whining.  hEhEhE!!  There has been an access of lots of energy.  It appears the last time we chatted, I made it to the waking day of Monday.  As usual, there are a few things I know I am going to miss since I am still a ways back.  There will be some ICQ people who will attain a bit of attention of me, and would dissapear.  Random people who decided they required a one net stand.  Also a few phone calls I would get, and would make, especially during breaks.  Blah, I am going to overcome all of this, JOHD, I really am.  Um... oh yeah, I keep having this bad feeling that there is something important since last Wednesday to now that I am forgetting to mention.  Grr... while the procrastination demon dies, the memory eater continues to plaugue my life.  She shall not be as easily defeated, however, I know with your help, I can do it! 

Chats, Chats, Chats

     [EO monday] Chats, chats everywhere, and not a relief for JOHD in site.  Oh, don't even start anything seeing as how you are becoming more popular than I am.  Riede would catch me. Basically he told me that he got his pro to get Civ II gold installed.  NY Friend would also catch me, on Yahoo.  Reference Fo36.  AIM was being a dork to her now.  AIM... the other crash meat.  Haha, some one does not like my Yahoo colours.  We also would talk about our recent phone conversation, reference fone001.  Also looks as if I will be eating more than pot roast frozen dinners, hEhEhE!!  Maur and I would have a big conversation, referenced under Ma47.  A lot of it delt with the way we have been responding to each other of late.  I think we were able to get a lot of things out in the open.  It was good.  He would also ask me about a world goverment, and post me a conversation that he had with it.  When I catch up with everything, maybe I will read it!

Ride the Finger

     Work... there are two things I recall from work.  The first was that the calls were very not good.  They were long, and they were just not friendly.  I am sure that was no good on my stats at all.  The other, and more disturbing thing, is that I find out, through rumors, that I may NOT be making class number II.  This is the last thing I want to hear.  Qwest can ride my finger.

Your Civ and My Civ Researching by the Fire

     I came home, but only after stopping at QT to pick up some Shmir Ice.  I wanted to drink.  I would run across Riede, who was ready for some Civ II action.  I was also ready.  Maur would send me back the $10 I gave him for guessing my font.  I shall give that to him when I see him.  For the first time I would run across Ramza.  He would get things ready for Civ II.  Civ II would go into most of the night.  Maur would play, it was fun, for someone who claims he does not like the game and has no idea what he is doing he is rather good!

The Other Day of Rest

     [EO tuesday] Well, it is nice to have Tuesday off.  I would get an email from Fifi, in response to something I had said to a CC she sent me.  She gave me some what of an attempted guilt trip.  From that, I would end up playing Civ II... for over 8 hours!  WhooHoo!!  Humans came and gone, but I was there for most of it.  During the middle of this, I would get an email from NY Friend.  She stated that her parents seem to read you also!  hEhEhE!!  Geeze, JOHD, why don't you just invite the world to listen to us while you are at it?  Oh, I am only flipping you curds.  I would get to chat with Rafiki again.  For some reason I started the chat even though I was playing Civ II.  I think the "you started I started" part of me took over.  It was general chat, and the only thing we really hit was about the pleasure principle and about debate.  Alienesse would message me.  We would chat.  There were some issues that I am sworn to secrecy on my part, referenced in Al132.  Also, a friend of hers would continue to lay some massive guilt trips.  Wow, if anyone attempted things like that, they would find themself in a world of blankness, for I sure as heck would not be there.

Iowa City DSL

     Iowa City Gal would message.  It has been a very long time since she has had a really stable net connection.  She would talk about her problems with illness.  Also, she would inform me that she was reading you.  That got a pause for a second, then I just continued.  She thought I was looking for a person.  I was not exactly sure what she was meaning by that, and I guess it would give me something to think about.

Shot for Shot

     [EO tuesday/wednesday] Well, Sparky would have called me while I was playing Civ II, and I (yeah, not much lost from the crash) decided to go hang/drink with him.  On my way to pick him up, I got a missed call from Mair.  Her Next Tetris skills have become extremely impressive.  I think it is getting close to a challenge, so that I can rank her down, and put her in her place.  After we went to Hy-Vee to pick up supplies, we went back to his place.  We were doing shots of Vodka and making a tape.  Spark ended up getting massively drunk.  He went into his pants down and how I should touch him thing.  hEhEhE!!  He gets so crazy when he drinks.  He got a little too drunk.  He was in the bathroom, thinking he was going to get sick, but he never did, and I grabbed him by his arms and dragged him out to the living room.  I would sit and attempt to finish side two of tape two, and some where in Dogs, around 9 minutes into the song, I would go from a lot of energy to nothing and pass out.  I think it was the laying down that did it.  For the first time in a very long time, I was drinking and had lots of energy.  Also, I was drinking shot for shot what Spark had, yet, I was not even drunk this night, despite what some on my cell phone would think.  Maybe it is time to cut down a little on the drinking?


     [EO wednesday] I would wake rather early for someone who went to bed/crashed around 0711a.  Not sure how I made it up around 1240p without being waken by exterior things, but oh well.  That means more of the day to live, right?  So, I would trek on home, and get to chat with Iowa City Girl.  She had left a message that she wanted to talk about something.  It was about something you told her.  Dear me, my brain is so Becketted, who knows what things I said that were causing her to be sorry.  She kept telling me that she was sorry about something, and I was not sure what.

Madd's Eyes Falling Down

     JOHD... I am so insanely tired.  All this going to bed late and just waking up stuff must have finally caught up with me.  This is insane, look at the time!  Blah... well... okay, I am not going to fight it any more.  Think I will make my phone call and call it a night.  I am catching up on more days now!  Master of Maddness, signing off 0100a......
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