August 20th, 2001


Attention Angry Wal-Mart Shoppers 0203p

"Look at me. Jerking off in the shower. This will be the highlight of my day."

     Notepad.  Possibly the only stable program on my computer, ever.  Not to mention takes up almost no active memory, and almost no disk space.  Perhaps I shall format my disk drive, and do nothing but install notepad.  Yeah, no internet, no AIM, no ICQ, no MP3.  Nothing but notepad and text files.  Anyway, let's get caught up on old times, eh JOHD?

12 Angry Men

     Ug.  Who am I kidding?  I am not sure what happened 5 minutes ago, and you think I can tell you about what happened as of Thursday?  Actually, I can, but before I go on, there is something we should be talking about.  I know, JOHD, time jumping around make us both slightly confused about what we are talking about, however, this has importance.  Someone, who I shall dub as Angry Human, wrote me an email, I think it was yesterday.  I guess Angry Human had read some information that pertained to their existance in my Reality.  The email would be around 8k, mostly ranting and raving, how I should go live in NY since I will obviously be oh so happy there.  Immature things such as that.  The whole thing that bothered me the most is Angry Human went and said how I must not care, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.  It is such an old cliché, it really is.  I get tired of hearing it, so I was sure to send a reply back almost as soon as I had read it.  I would end up getting a reply back today, which I would write back to right away once again.  The reply from Angry Human is something that was a bit more civil, and thought through better.  So that leads us to something important, which I think should be shared with my valued readers, and those who do not even read, but may be chatted about in here.  I cannot stress how many times that I don't write this for you humans.  I write it for Madd.  I write it to JOHD.  We are the best of friends, and best of friends tell other people things.  At the same time, since I have a conscious awareness that others can see into what we talk about, I do and would use descression.  If someone tells me a sworn secert, then, I would not talk about that for others to see.  If someone, ahead of time, REQUESTS that I not write of something, then I will find a way around it.  If anyone DEMANDS something from me, well, then you have given all the reason to not listen to you.  Aye, at this point, I am actually directing this to the humans in the audience.  It is simple.  Don't get involved in my life, or give me a special name that I shall remember you by.  I am not attempting to spill out the life and times of anyone minus me.  Some people are important in my defined Reality, so, I might state some things they do with other people, so that I am aware of that it happened, and when.  I look back at times that I missed almost a years time of not talking to JOHD, and something happened in my life, and I went back, going to JOHD for help, however, the information is just not there.  I never mentioned about it, and it bothered me.  So now everyone knows how to protect themselves.  You want protected, you know how to get a hold of me.  The only OTHER thing that will work is to have a massive chat about things you do not want me to say to JOHD, and then I can reference them to JOHD and myself.  Or, the same can be done in a long email.  Then all events can be kept safe from the prying eyes of humans and what have yous.  That is what I have been doing before this incident with Angry Human.  That is all I have to say, at this point, to the humans out there.

Sex Does Sell

     So along comes Thursday.  I had an interesting IM from someone who basically kept it short, and said "I love you" many more times to a point I knew something was up.  Reference is M55.  Also, I would be dropped a line from an unexpected source.  A human who would ask me if I was still did not like said human.  All I could think was who in the world could have that impression of me feeling that way towards them.  I would quickly find out, through the help of her, that it was someone who had made some indirect references to me through Alienesse.  It was a friend of hers.  So, Rafi as I only really know her as, would converse with me, and we would start a clean slate, showing that we could let go of the past and move forward with life.  Reference R01.  She would help to further confim already known information, that all one ever has to do to get any conversation going forward faster is to talk about sex.  It does not even have to be about the people in the chat itself.  Humans have a fasination about sex.  I guess because thanks to said act, they were created.  I would chat with NY Friend.  We would get into our talk Wednesday, the chat the day before, certain pictures of me in relation to when I was 90, the manager of the NY Yankees, some of my "weak" spots, John Mellencamp, my multitasking with Civ II, Rent, hickies, the fact I was naming a city in respect to her in Civ II, and her attempts to disconnect the game Riede and I had going on.  It was all rather good, even if I was in so many chats at the same time.  Reference F032.

Wal-Mart Shopping in Texas

     Well, I can honestly say this time I have no clue what happened at work.  The most I remember was having a chat with Angry Human about an issue which confirmed M055.  I do know that afterwards, I would go to Wal Mart to pick up some food.  While I was there, I had hoped to get Nortan antivirus, since McAfee is such a horrible program that stops viruses like sex with a condom with holes in it.  They were out, stupid helicopter worm virus.  I did not even want it for that.  Renee was there, and as always, she was happy to see me, as I were her.  I some times really miss some of the Wal Mart crew.  I bought a good amount of frozen dinners.  Also, computer turning on and net connecting would lead to chat time.  NY person actually caught me on my cell before I made it through the door, with the tons (dozen pound) of food I had.  Also, West Coast Girl and Alienesse would get ahold of me on chat.  Alienesse really impressed me with some display of talking lots while I was not there.  It had been so long since she had done that, and it was really good that we have come back to embracing each other towards each others Reality again.  Great news about her job, as well as her daily events.  She would also rant about a friend she felt was not doing the best towards said friend's life.  It was good nice to hear her open up about her frustrations again, as referenced in A128.  She also brought up the fact of something Maur had written about regarding me and my comments to his journal posts.

The City that Really Does Not Sleep... Much

     NY Friend would call me up, and we would talk up a storm.  We had a lot of issues on how we actually felt towards each other.  At that point and time, I could see how things were continuing to develope in regards towards how we see each other, in a postive light.  There were no signs of it slowing down or reversing.  I would chat with her for a good part of the night.  After chatting with her, I was rather tired.  West Coast Girl was still on-line, and I flat out went into a sexual tone, of which she responded basically the same way.  Reference Q018.  My bones were tired, and it was time for sleep since Friday was already beckoning me to bed.

I Can Do It!

     Arrrggg.  I so hope I do not work tomorrow, JOHD, then I bet I can get more things caught up.  Do you think I can do it?  I sure do think I can do it, if I was given a little bit of time.  Heck, it is a given that I can.  I can do anything that I am able to point my brain into doing.  So, to sum things up, take care of my mind, JOHD, and I will be back to finish more of this.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0413p......
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