August 19th, 2001


Final Warning 0200p

     JOHD, I look back and clean out my email, and noticed a lot of things from Amanda.  What sparked this was the fact that I repied to Amanda's email.  I also replied to NY Friend as well as some other people.  I am catching up.  Two things here, JOHD.  First is that I have an issue with procrastination.  It could be the sole thing to destroy my life, and I will not allow that.  I am tired of my place looking like it does, since I actually am a clean freak, however, I am such a procrastinator, that it overrides my cleaning.  The other important issue, was after reading about a night over at Amanda's, onvolving a conversation about people with their head chopped off, oral sex, improper use of hands, multiple cumming, and stupid laptops that do not shut down, I have issued a final warning in regards to alcohol use.  The next time we do something totally stupid as we did back last October, you will be permenately cut off from alcohol, minus large social settings (weddings, etc).  Also, when we stop to pass out or what have you due to drinking, then a compounded drinking punishment shall be enforced.  It will start with one day unable to drink, go to two, then three, and so forth until we either get the hint, or end up with more days unable to drink than we have life left.  I am not kidding around, I mean it.  If we are going to drink, then do so responsibly.  As for procrastination, well, we have ways to deal with you.

     Haha, Myles playing Metal Gear Solid, I *never* thought I would see that day.  It is Myles' Sunday, so, time to clean up, then go visit him.  I shall finish life events when I get back, JOHD, so hold the fort for me.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0207p......
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