August 17th, 2001


Mother Atom Heart 1147a

"You still don't know what you're dealing with do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility... I admire its purity, a survivor; unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusions of morality."

     Eeks!!  It is like a flashback from old days, eh JOHD old friend?  Well, I did get all comments taken care of.  However, these entries are starting to look like Sam Becket's head; swish cheese.  Okay, I feel I can do this, even chatting with NY Friend right now.  I see that I have missed a few things, so, as always, let me go back and pick up the pieces so we know where I am going in life.

Dr Jones

     Ah, always nice to see him on.  It has been a long time since I have chatted with Jones.  I still remember when I got the email on an old Yahoo name I do not even use anymore.  Imagine my surprise to see Jones writing and some how finding me.  I guess he had caught me through  It makes me love that service.  I so miss my old school mates.  I must, you realize, JOHD, that when you were born, and we started chatting, that the school that gave you life was meant for ONE year, at the most.  One whole year.  After that year, I remember mother and stepmonster went to Mo Valley.  I was walking distance from the school there, but insisted that I be driven 20 miles to go to Tri-Center.  Can you believe that, JOHD?  You can't?  I don't believe you, since my 10th grade I spent with dad, haha, sorry, friend, I get dates confused.  Okay, let me recap this for you.  I went to Tri-Center for 9th grade.  I went with dad in 10th grade, in Council Bluffs to AL, Abraham Lincon.  THEN, that is when I went back to mom and had the Tri-Center desire.  I must thank my mother some time for letting me do it.  She had to drive me every morning, and I know it was not easy for her.  I felt very bad, actually.  However, I was able to get a grasp of large vs small school.  I see that if I have kids, I want them to go to a small school.  I never wanted to miss a day at Tri-Center.  I was angry during snow days.  Now, at AL, I did actually know people in my class, since they were old friends from junior high.  So it was not like I did not know any of them.  But the fact remains, small schools are the way to go.  So anyway, I got to talk to Jones briefly, it is refernced under 04.

Web's Number 109823712 Portal!

     Oh yeah, some time Monday, Madd's World would hit the 1000th visitor.  WhooHoo!!  I still am getting some good traffic, even though, I am not sure how, since I cannot track what is going on anymore since that crap service with their poor POOR customer service ( changed to the asses that they did.  Mental note: find new counter service with REAL customer service.  I hope everyone realizes how much it means to me that they still visit, especailly since I am being BAD and not getting updates done that I should be!!  Badd Madd!!  I must do my best to remeber!  Eeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia!

Drinking Experiement Postponed Continued

     Okay!  Think I can get through this finally.  So she is over here, we are talking, going beyond flirting.  I was not really drunk at this point, JOHD, nor do I think I ever did that night.  Well, one thing lead to another, and the next thing I know I am getting oral sex, an extreme surprise coming from her.  Despite how long she went, I never even came close to coming.  Grr, stupid English and its 5 meanings to one word.  We would make out a little bit, and what have you.  Even for being "a little bit", I do remember well when she decided to go for my neck.  Eeks!!  Arrrg... weak spot.  Must fix that some how.  Oh, and the way she was going at my neck, I had a slight feeling someone was marking her territory.  Well, in making out, there is the pushing against the bladder that usually happens which would do the inevitable.  Potty time.  I think of all the times in our history together when pushing into each other would kick my bladder to the point I would come back, and we would stop doing whatever it was we were doing.  This time, it would be her to pass out.  Poor thing, she really should start getting some sleep.  Oh yeah, a quick mention on the fact that Iowa City Gal would attempt to call, and I would not answer my phone, since we had been talking on the phone before, and I was not expecting her to call me back since it was getting past the time she said she would attempt to call back.  I have started to get into the habit of not answering my phone when I have company.  I think I learned something important from Stingray's visit :D

Doing My Job and Theirs

     Well, my crazy alarm would wake me up, which would wake her up, so she could go to her school or work.  I think it was school.  Then I would pass back out, and have a dream about NY Friend.  It is an interesting dream, and I am glad I was able to reference it.  The one thing I did not mention was that I also had a dream about David Letterman, however, it was too scattered a dream for me to be able to record it.  I remember I was guesting on his show for some reason.  Also, I was doing crazy things, like sitting in his lap and what have you, and there was something more bizzare, but I do not remember that, nor did I when I realized I had the dream.  I would talk to NY Friend, and she was the only actual conversation I would have before work.  Also, I would send a very short and nice letter to Amanda about if she was going to pay me back or not.  Unfortunately, I would not remember how work would go.  Well, wait, I stand corrected.  Work went very well.  Calls appear to be getting shorter, which is good.  However, the very LAST call would leave me with a simple "transfer to the BO and be done with it."  Well, I had a feeling he was going to get boned, and he was certainly pleasent with me, so I took control of the situation and started speaking to reps as opposed to cold transfering.  Well, no one knew how to do their job.  ONE of the reps I would get, a Jeanne or Jeanette or something like that, would be transfering me to a manager, because I was sick of no one doing their job.  She would also hang up on me when her attempt was to get me to her supervisior.  I would check the account records to the guy's number I was working with, and low and behold, I see something around the lines of, "Internal department did not give name (YEAH RIGHT!!) unable to tell account disc before getting to supv."  Needless to say, lies like that really anger me.  When I went to the Help Desk to get something signed, I would find out two things.  First I would find that the person I spent 32 minutes on the phone helping would have put in a comindation for me.  The second would be that someone left a noticable mark, and this would be the first person to tell me about it.  hEhEhE!!  Silly humans.

Welcome to My Civilization

     So I went home, and chatted with people.  Riede would be on, and this would be the start of something devistating, Civilization II.  Eeks!  I have always enjoyed the game, however, when I get other people who can actually play with/against me, then you might as well put crack in my veins and put me in a dirty room.  Ha ha, JOHD, very funny.  Anyway, it would take forever and a day for everyone to have the same patch installed, however, Riede, Bud, and I would finally be playing Civ II!!  Oh such a happy time, unless you are someone attempting to chat with me.  I was still able to multitask, I mean, I did have to wait for both of them to make their moves.  I am not sure if I would get any phone calls or not this night.  I honestly cannot remember.  I do know I had so much fun playing Civ II!  Now that I think of it, I do believe Iowa City Gal called me.  We talked a lot about some issues on her last visit here, and the email I sent that she did not reply to, since she wanted to talk about it in person, I suppose.  It is one of those things a human wants to talk about, but is not sure how to bring it up and hopes the other person does.  Well, that is what happened.  While we got some things out in the open, I see us as more than friends now.  I think most of that deals with the fact that she is not showing that much interest as me as more than a friend.  I am actually not bothered by that, JOHD.  Go figure.

AIM Sucks, in the Bad Way

     Okay, so I would wake up, and right to the computer.  Jacy Lane would message me yet again.  She has been doing so a lot lately, and that is good.  It is nice to see us chatting so much again.  Also, NY Friend would get me while I was sleeping, to which I would respond, as usual.  We had mentioned a few times that if she finds me a $30+ hr job, that we would talk about me moving up there.  I think she did take it seriously, so, that could be interesting.  Oh yeah, I would realize before I started chatting with her that AIM went BACK to the old stupid 4.1 version.  STUPID HELICOPTER AIM!!  Well, at some point, we would talk about intamacy issues, being from expectation, to hopes, to day dreams.  At this point, it does appear as if there will be quiet the intamacy on the nine day visit up there.  As to exactly what or how much, well, that remains to truly be seen.  I would hit a spot in her heart, it appears.  Did I forget to mention that I had already told her a few days ago that I do indeed love her?  I think I did, but JOHD, I tell you, my brain is so Sam Becketted that it is some times not funny.  Yeah, I am sure we did, because I remember talking about the difference between love and being in love.  Well, this here can otherwise be referenced by 031

The Cell Phone that Saved Lives

     Besides chatting, Riede would catch me for some Civ II.  It was like I could resist, but I would have had a better chance had I been on heorin for 20 years and attempt to stop cold turkey than turn down a Civ II request.  Mair would find me on AIM, a rarity since she is more an ICQ user.  She was having some sort of issues, but before anything could be said, the "fine you are too busy bye" attitude would roll on the floor.  Grr, that so annoys me.  I would also speak to Maur.  There is something going on in Maur's world, something that is making him a bit more cranky than usual.  Also, I have noticed that his entries are getting slightly depressing.  The only person who seems not to be affected by bad intent would be Alienesse.  Some times makes me wish I was female, but then I realize I would have difficulties going potty while standing.  Well, issues would be not so good for Madd as he attempts to go to work.  It was raining, and it would cause people to be backed up on the Interstate.  As I looked at my watch, I saw I was 3 minutes from losing my job.  I have come to the realization that if it was not for my cell phone, I would have no job, for I would call work, and see that I went from 3 hours of priority down to 2.  So, I would make a trip back to my place.  Since I had a little extra time now, I would take this oppertunity to actually clean a little bit.  There is something I have learned about cleaning.  I do it either when I am depressed or filled with a certain amount ot energy.  This energy stems from eating LOTS of food, like, many times a day.  Since I rarely am sad, let alone depressed, then the only alternative is to actually start working on my eating habits.

The Hickie that Ate My Neck

     Someone else at work would notice the territorial mark on me.  Oh well, no big issue.  How did work go on Wednesday?  JOHD, I am not sure how my mind can remember things farther back and forget closer things, but it is almost an annoyance, haha.  So, after work, I would make my way to Generations.  As I pulled up to park, Sparky would call me, asking about the mix he put together.  I told him how it was the best one we had ever done.  The fact I did not contribute selections might say something about me.  So, I went there, and the waitress had my drink well in advance of me making it to the bar.  She so rocks!  Around 30 minutes later, Merv would show up, with a friend.  I think his name was Dave.  I also think I hit a new record.  It was like 3 clove cigs.  I would get a few calls, of which one was from NY Friend.  We would talk, but she would eventually have to go, and did not want to disturb me.  Grr... humans and their disturb thing.  If I am all that busy, I don't answer my phone or what have you, right?  Also, Iowa City Gal would call.  I made a strict promise that I would call her later that night.  I promised, on Floyd and God.  I do not think she understood the severity of that promise.  So I would go back in, and drink the rest of my drinks.  I got very hungry, and decided it was time to take off and go to Perkins.  They had me on hold, I was hoping to make my order before I got there.  So They get me my food, and I trek on home.

She Replies and She Remembers

     I would be on line, chatting with a few people.  One would be Jenn.  She was making references that she was either coming over, or going over to that guy's house.  This is referenced under 054.  I would also talk to West Coast Girl.  She actually asked my first name, we had chatted for this long as she finally asked for my name, haha.  That brought humor into my night.  I had gotten a reply from Amanda.  She took my 1K post and gave me back a 8K post.  Seems she has some things on her mind.  Of which, it turns out that she has been listening to you a little, JOHD.  This was definate news to me.  I find out more and more people are listening to what you have to say.  So, she addressed some issues.  It is very odd.  It is as if she does things, I end up telling you about then, then she comes around and states that she does what she does due to what I told you, which as you see, is not a possible thing to due unless one is time traveling.  It is not that I dislike her or anything.  I guess it is more that there are many people in this world, and if some of them are going to remove me out of their life, so be it.  I mean, I take a look back, and it is what she has done.  Never did I say she should not see Dave.  Never did *I* give the ultimatum of choose him or me.  I never did that.  So I am not sure I see where she is coming from.  I realize a lot of people take to friends differently.  Just to let you know, JOHD, if someone claims to make care about me, and then goes around and attempts to remove people out of my life, that they in turn are removing themself from my life.  Kind of a turn the tables thing.  I do not play that game, and I guess I do not understand how others would befriend/love/deeply care for people who would do that towards them.  Oh well, we can address that some time I am sure.

Voices from Texas

     I would also chat with Alienesse.  See reference 126.  She would end up calling me shortly after.  We had such a wonderful talk, at least in my eyes.  It meant so much that she decided to call me, and I almost got the impression that voice talking would be picking up in the future.  If that is the case, then happy days for Madd.  We talked for a good 1 - 2 hours.  She started to lose stem and became "incoherient", even though, I know she could have put more into not passing out.  Hypocrite?  Me?  Oh be hush, JOHD, who asked you anyway?  hEhEhE!!  Okay okay, yeah, well, at least I am working on it.  Give me some credit for that, okay?

Batting 100% in the Promise Department

     After that wonderful conversation, I would call Iowa City Gal, and she would seem some what surprised.  That did not surprise me.  Some people just do not realize who I am.  Granted, I was getting rather tired at this point, but I kept in tune to realize I gave a promise.  I rarely give a promise, since there is so much that can go wrong.  However, when I feel it is necessary to proove something, I may pull one out.  So I was able to keep my promise, however, I would end up getting beyond tired, and even though we chatted for a while, I would have to crash.

The Saga Continues...

     Haha!!  I am so working my way up there.  Hey, it is Friday, JOHD, and I went from Monday/Tuesday all the way to the start of Thursday.  Is this not groovy or what?  I realize that I may have missed a few things, important things, like possible other phone calls or what have you.  See, this is the reason I am not to get behind, JOHD.  Keep reminding me how much it hits into my gut, and maybe I can stay in shape, even when Civ II comes to play, haha.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0422p......
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