August 14th, 2001


Reusable Cat Pockets

"You're rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body."

     I forgot to mention an important fact, JOHD.  AIM sucks a mean one, and I do mean suck in a bad way, no swallow.  I did an upgrade, I think it was Saturday evening, maybe some time on Sunday.  Well, when I did said event, it finally upgraded.  For some reason, the 6 other times in the past that I attempted to go from like 4.1 to 4.3 or whatever, it would install, I would start AIM, and it would tell me I had 4.1 still, which made no sense at all.  Well, when it finally installed this time, I looked and everything appeared okay, but then I noticed, I had OLD screen names showing, from the time before AIM crash disaster 1.  So, all my new friends were lost.  Grrr!!  STUPID HELICOPTER AIM!!    DARN IT!  So, here I am, going through a list of 160 people, attempting to sort through this large mess and finger out who I lost, and who I gained from long ago who I no longer talked to in the first place.  AOL is horrible.  I even had a backup, and attempted a merge with that, but my list was too full, and the back up missed like 3 or so new people.

Memory Error - Abort, Retry, Ignore

     Anyway, I do believe I was last telling you about Monday morning, after getting back from Myles and talking to NY Friend.  Well, as I stated, we talked about expectations, and hopes, and what have you.  Hmm... there was some other things I wanted to say about the subject matter, JOHD, but I cannot remember them.  No worries, I will remember them while at work, and then come back and confuse you with them.

Actions Overpower Words

     Well, before going to get Sparky, I went into my room and checked my computer super fast.  Well, it would not be as super fast as expected, since Alienesse was on.  I dropped a note stating I was taking off, since I saw she had replied to some stupid SK AIM brat who warned me since he was being an ass, so I just wrote her a laugh, since I found humor in her comment how I may have been warned for telling random people that I had no pants on.  Well, she commented how she missed hearing about my life, and how she felt my absense from her life.  It was really good to hear that she could finally admit said event, and that I was not making it up in my head this entire time.  She apparently wishes to change that, which is good, because I had stopped fighting to keep her in my life since she was not really doing anything to stay in it.  JOHD, this is under reference 125.  So I left to get Sparky with lots of goodies in my mind.

Toliet - Bowl for One

     So, after that, I went over to Sparky's place and picked him up.  Then I went to Hy-Vee and picked up some SoCo and Hawaiian Punch as the chaser.  Then we went back to his place.  We started to do shots as we listened to some old tapes we had made.  After about the 3rd shot, I felt really bad.  It made no sense, and Sparky kept asking me if I was going to be okay, and I said I was not sure.  I mean, after all, I was not drunk, or even close to it, but I really was not feeling good.  I ended up running to his bathroom and threw up.  It came up incredibally smooth.  However, my 4 food stops at the State fair, super large $7 State Fair beer, few bottle of Shmirnof Ice, and 3 shots of SoCo would be wasted into a septic tank.  I walked back into the room, and felt perfectly fine, minus the fact I was already hungry before said event took place.  Well, I would start to get rather tired.  Sparky wanted cigarettes, and I decided to go get them with him, even though I really wanted to stay and crash on his couch at this point.  Sparky is not use to getting his own way.  Poor guy.  After we went there and came back, I realized I forgot to go to my car and pick up my CDs, since Sparky wanted to mix another tape.  Well, I really really did not want to go to my car.  I was losing energy fast, and just wanted to sleep, since I had already gotten sick, and felt strange since I did so without being close to drunk.  If I am going to get sick from drinking, darn it, I want to feel the "good" effect as well as the "bad" effect.  All I can say to that even, by the way, is "beer before liquor never been sicker."  I have mixed alcohol like that before.  So, who knows why it happened.  Well, I went to my car, with Sparky, and got my CD, then, got on his couch, and he got me a blanket and pillow.  I would only hear part of the first song he would play, then pass the heck out.

The Severed Life Line

     Well, Sparky was having some sort of inspection, and for some reason, wanted me up when they were there.  He first woke me up around 0900a.  Then, he mentioned something about going back to sleep, so, that we both did.  Then, he woke us up around 1100a or so.  It took me a while, but I was finally able to regain my conscious self.  I finally grabbed my stuff, and headed back to the pad.  The start of this tape some something of interesting.  Also note, JOHD, that there would be no call attempts by Iowa City Gal.  So maybe this is the beginning of the end of said relationship.  Well, I would get home, and I would put in the tape Spark made.  Wow, it was most impressive, so much so, that he had some version of Numb on there that I had not heard, and I think it actually came from my collection.  Go figure.  The biggest and most frustrating thing I would find as I went to get on the computer, was that my DSL was not receiving any data.  NO!!  I did everything to get it back to work, and nothing happened.  So, being the smart one I am, I called and choose dial up support, not DSL.  I did not want to wait for 4 hours on hold.  I got a person rather fast, asked for a dial up access number, and bamb, I was back in business, only at 56K, which made me not wanna surf at all.  I was able to get some chatting done with NY Friend.  I also was able to get a shower in, and I really was in dire want of one, seeing as how my feet were beyond dirty, to say the least.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Merv AIMed me.  You know, it is as if he has been missing me, and that really makes me feel good.  JOHD, this is under reference 64.

A Better Working World

     I rushed to work.  I was on the verge of getting my arse in a whole lotta trouble.  I went to work, and for the first time in a while, the calls were not all super long.  I actually had a decent day at work.  Oh yeah, Mari would write me a super long letter from when I was gone on Sunday.  Also, we would come to understand some things about her mind.  I will get into you with that when I next write, JOHD.  No wait, I will tell you now.  Oh wait, I wanted to bring those notes in so I could explain some things about her, so I guess I will have to tell you when I get home tonight.

Drinking Experiment 010813.1

     Before making it home, I would stop to QT to do an experiement.  It would consist of me drinking.  As I was working my way to the counter, NY Friend would AIM my cell.  So I got home, and I disconnected the 56K connection, and checked to see if DSL was back up.  Success.  I will just hope that never happens again.  I would start the drinking process after I was half way through chatting with NY Friend.  I would also tell her that I love her.  She is one of a few I know who knows the difference between love and being in love.  I think you and I should talk about this later, JOHD.  Big talk about it.  Well, she did one of the best things I think a human could ever do for me.  She said she did not feel it in return, and she felt bad for that, I think.  It was great, JOHD, someone who did not white lie or just reflect back a phrase to me.  That meant so much to me.  Also, if I did not know any better, I could have sworn she was attempting to get me to move to NY.  Talking about computer jobs and oppertunities and what have you, and stating how she was in human resorce and how all she required was my résumé.  hEhEhE!!  I would refer her to  I said she was a smart girl and could find me there.  JOHD, this is under reference 29.

Drinking Experiement Postponed

     Some time into this conversation, Jenn would AIM me.  She started with the usual "are you there" comment, and I replied with a "sure thing, wanna fuck?" to which she would give the "yes" followed by a "please".  I would tell her to come on over, and she told me not to say it unless I meant it.  We would chat for a while, and I would hear about this guy she was chatting with and liked.  JOHD, this is under reference 52.  Well, I was thinking what a great time to get some food, since she was on her way.  Blah... stupid helicopter stomach!!  I should go to work.  I want to get food on the way, I will continue with you, friend, when I get back.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0436p......
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