August 3rd, 2001


Master of Maddness

"Taste me you will see; more is all you need"

     Wow!!  This is one of the better mixes that I have heard for a game, since it seemlessly puts two video games and crams them together.  Oh it is most excellent.  I am so filled with love today.  It came from a dream I had, which I guess I should work up from the beginning.  Wait, where is the beginning?  Geeze, Madd, you could do a better job of providing a bookmark or something.  JOHD cannot do all the work for you.  Nut bunnies!

They Call me the Working Madd

     Well, yesterday I went to work.  Because that is what I do... I go to work.  I take care of phone service.  I am not even sure how work went now that I think about it, but there was some comparison between the 0900a - 0100p (A shift) as opposed to the 0500p - 0900p (B shift).  Calls were faster, on average, and I think a lot of it dealt with the fact the A shift I was able to give out commitments, in general, same day, and you know, customers love that, even though, a few times I wanted to say, "tomorrow by" just because I am so use to giving those times of commitments.  The A shift also has a LOT more business calls, which in the average, can lead to longer calls, because these businesses think they are some sort of God sent thing.  Blah to them.  Also, there is a larger consintration of calls, and even more people on-line taking calls at the same time.

Phone in My Pants, Exchanging Numbers

     After that, it was time to hit the G.  My phone would ring almost non-stop for the first time in a long time.  (Mental note, change number).  Haha, I missed a few, which was not all my fault, but the greatest thing that happened was my nice tight jeans (yes, humans, I wear jeans) ended up dialing a speed dial on my phone.  I did not realize this until I went outside for a while and asked Jennifer what was up, and she told me I had just called her, which I said I had not, and we figured out my pants wanted to talk to her.  Aye, a good conversation came from that.  When I came back, the bartender wanted to know if I was alright, as did Merv who had showed up some time ealier.  Haha, I know EXACTLY why the bartender wanted to know if I was okay.  My drink I always have (Kamakazi) was given to me a few times that night, but one time when I took a drink from my glass, I thought to myself how incredible odd it tasted.  At first, there was the thought that it was some form of watered down something which gave it a bitter taste.  THEN, I realized I was drinking almost straight vodka.  How did I know, you ask me JOHD?  Haha, you know how I make my drinks, right?  So use to them that I have other people taste them and look at their face, well, I found myself working in their shoes.  Just to make sure I had not drank myself insane, I gave it to the bartender to try.  She gave me the most incredibally looking crazed look I had ever seen.  "I wonder if something happened to my stopper."  Haha, I wonder if she was paying me back for all those $20 and such tips I had given her.  No, I was not complaining, but later, I would be singing a different tune.

Traveling Merv

     Merv drove me to Perkins.  On the way, I was calling and leaving "intersting" messages on a friend's cell phone.  I actually left multiple.  Merv was sure to scream his few remarks as well.  Is he racist or just been hanging around his brother a little too long.  Darn people who tell me to call them and then they are not answering their phone!  Perkins was fun... I was drunk.  My food was yummy, and so was Merv's.  At least, I think it was yummy.  I remember not wanting to throw it up, haha.

The First Hangover?

     I came home and, drum roll, passed out!  Yes, JOHD, bet you never would have guessed that one!  Also, I woke up around 0600a.  I was sweeting my brains through my forehead, I could feel it.  It was not cool, with that, for the first time after drinking, a headache.  Ack, a dreaded unoficial hang over.  WHat do you mean how is it unofficial?  Oh come now, JOHD... I did not even get my full sleep!  I was waking up in an oven, almost literally... well, anyway, I did almost everything to correct the headache.  It was bad, because the more things I attempted to do, the worse I felt to the point of not feeling well all over.  Even with the air, now on full blast, and be moving to the couch, which was kind of nice and cool, but was not helping me.  I chatted a while, thinking I would just have to live with it.  Nope, no good, I did not want to be up but I could not sleep.  Even the shower was not all that good like I had hoped.  Ah... but when I got smart, I decided to go and lay in bed, and turn on some Numb in repeat.  It went the first song through, then I turned it down (since it is forbidden to turn Numb down in mid song) and then concentrated on the song.  I was out before the end of it.

Master of all Dreams

     The dream was most interesting.  I think it has been the most important one to date.  It had Amanda, Jenny, and Sparky in it.  Aye, all three.  My mind would finally speak out to me.  I only remember that there was all of us there, Sparky was very sick, and we were all concerned.  The feelings I had towards Amanda were that of peace.  The same for Sparky and Jenny.  Just peace.  Then after that dream, there was something about my family, including a record they were listening to, which had Numb on it.  I was soooo happy in the dream, I remember, and I went to go to the bathroom.  The toliet was very strange, and I was not sure how someone was suppose to sit in it (female or something other than urination).  It is just something I do not think I can explain.  The whole dream was one of the most realistic I think I have had this entire year.

The Extended 4 Hour

     I woke up some time later, and I just felt so wonderful.  I was so filled with love.  I had released a burden, by having my subconious let go.  Damnit!  I have to work, JOHD, hold down the fort, and please do not erase everything, haha, thanks, I will be back in about 4 hours.  Okay, so, it was more like 12 hours, sorry about that, JOHD.  Thanks for not crashing on me, I really do appriciate it.  Okay, so the dream.  As you know, JOHD, dreams are extremely important to me.  They tell me a lot of what I do not know of myself, even though some times they tell me things I already know, which is fine.  So I just felt great.  I chatted as usual before work, however, the chat included me talking to two people from New York, who I might go and see now, soon.  I guess I will look into that.

Your Call is VeryImportant to Us

     Well, for once I was not able to pull off an enty before work.  There would have been too much stuff, and I am working on my time management, which means not loosing my job over LJ or McD, so, I was not going to wait in line for all those people to move.  So I made it to work, all hungry like.  Work went okay, as far as I can remember.  I was looking forward to the work day being over, since this is like my start of the weekend.  My coach who shall be leaving me soon was given a little gift.  I went on break and kind of did not log off my phone, so, I got a few callers while I was not there, and that made me feel a little bad.  At the same time it is rather funny, I had not done that before.

Techie Terror

     I went to Blondino's place.  It was fun, for we spent most of the time working on a room, getting a bed put back together, and me working the electronic wizardy that I do.  They love it when I do stuff like that, and I am happy when I am able to do that stuff.  Also, his basement has bad reception for my phone.  I was chatting with my Iowa City friend, and my phone hung up on her.  Steve had told me quite a few tech horror stories, which were very interesting to hear.  People being buried alive, losing arms and skin and bone like from a horror movie due to a 6000 volt charge.

Sex, Drunk, and Sleepy Roll

Also, Jennifer called and Anna appears to be in the area, so I would go to see them at Mullagan's, even though I would take forever to find it.  They had been drinking, and Anna was tipsy and Jennifer was down right drunk, haha.  I took her back to her place, and her friend was there, as was Nicole, her roomie.  I think I mentioned her to you one time, JOHD.  I do not care much for the type of person she is.  "And selfish was her name-o".  It was fun listening to them all talk about sex and oral and everything else, as I was frantically looking on the net for a program to install on her computer.  When I finally found it, the stupid site it was connected to was just not there.  Blah, all that work for nothing, man.  I had slightly passed out in her chair, and everyone else had passed out wherever.  I came home, which is where I am now.

Snake Bitten from Afar

     Poison of Snake works wonders, even in low light, haha.  Just not as strong.  If I had a pair of headphones, these people I am chatting with would be getting their eyes chatted out.  Well, the one person who might have come up to see me shall be a no show.  It is added that maybe in a little bit of time, it will change, and I challenged that, and that was challenged right back, so at this time, who knows.  It is rare and far that anyone even makes a claim they would come and see me.  That is another reason to be excited about Stingray coming to see me.  I was able to convince him he should see me.  Yeah, that rocks.  Of course, I have yet to find someone from long distance to take the plung and see me.  I mean, I think it would be so absolutely groovy.  Some day maybe someone will see me as interesting enough to make the first shot.

The Realization of the Destruction of Maur and All of His Kind

     MAUR IS GOING DOWN!  I just realized, like, 5:41:57 AM CST that if I indeed go to NY to see my friend, that I would be able to play Maur in Gameboy Tetris!! IT WILL FINALLY BE DECIDED!!  I will show the world who the real GB master is, since I have not been defeated in overall match play!  Oh now I am more than certain that I am going to NY.  I give it a 89% chance of going at this time.  I wonder if my NY friend also plays Tetris?  I know she loves sports, that is for sure.  I better make sure I can find my GB and Tetris!  Master of Maddness, signing off......
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