July 24th, 2001


Catching up...

[Madd's World Update]
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My Man Marcus

     Er, where did I leave off?  It is difficult to tell, since the Live Journal is not being very lively.  I do believe we left with Marcus calling me, and then me going to go hang with him.  It was great to see him again.  I think Marcus get more excited to see me than anyone I know, and that just makes a person feel good down inside.  Marcus had a few drinks there for me, which were pretty okay I guess.  They were attempting to find my car, haha, I had it hid, and when they wanted me to go get food, I snuck around and they were not able to see where I went.  Marcus was not as into Do as he usually is.  Not to mention the fact, I actually beat him.  That is something I just do not see.  While I am competative with video games, I do know when I have met my match, and Mr Do goes to Marcus.  He is the master, I have seen none greater.

The Sparkster

     Er, um... nut bunnies, I really cannot think clearly now.  Oh yeah, I did go to Sparky's last night.  That was fun, I had enough food there to feed an army of me for 2 hours.  I made my Moch 10 a little different than usual, and it is now deadly, mwahaha!!  We recored a whole 2 hour tape with nothing but Floyd, wow, that made me happy.

Sexual Chocolate

     I have noticed of late that my hormonal levels are extremely unbalanced.  I mean, they are out to the point of me not sure what is going on.  It is as if something has sparked a slight sexual fire in me, but I do not always have it.  It is noticed most when I wake up.  I realize that there are many dreams that go through the mind (literally going through) however this is more so than in the past.

American Backwash

     I also have noticed an extra amount of happiness as opposed to usual.  Hmm... that is odd also.  While I am generally a happy person, it all works like a Ying/Yang type of deal.  I have so much happiness and good things happen, and at some point, something counters it for a small bit, and then back to the happiness again.  Now, it is just like happiness everywhere.  One thing that I wonder about, is if my mental channeling of what life is all about is actually working all the time now, as opposed to just some of the time.  If so, then I guess that is a good thing.  I have so much positive energy, that I think I should go back to the old days of helping people out who have negative energy.  There is so much out there, that I think I should tackle some of it and consume it from those who I care about.

The Sting

     Speaking of caring, I think I finally got Stingray down here!!  WhooHoo!!  If that is the case, then I will be seeing him in less than two weeks for 5 days!  That would rock my banana.

Spring Cleaning

     I did quite a bit of on-line cleaning with the chat programs.  ICQ got hit massively hard.  I think I deleted like over 40 people this run, and a small few in AIM.  It is ignorant to have all these names of people who just up and stopped talking to me for whatever reason.  I am getting to the point of barely adding anyone on my lists, and evolving up the ladder is near impossible for people.  Oh well, I always have my own mind to torment me.

Death by Air

     Tornado sirens are blaring all over.  I guess it is time for people to die or something like that.  That is what tornados do, they kill things.  Whether it be people, animals, or plantlife.  Sweet, my phone is ringing.  Haha, I knew it was Myles.  He is so impatient at times, like, almost all the time.  Guess I should get ready to jet.
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