July 19th, 2001


The Psychology Lesson

     Yesterday... what did I do... besides beating FFIV... oh yeah, haha, I actually drank a glass of Moch 10 before I went to work, that was funny.  I had taken an hour, since I wanted to catch Stingray play on the net.  I was able to make it home around 0700p, and started recording around 0748p.  I went back to work, then I came back home.  They were still doing the show, and before it was over, I had called up to WI where the DJ was, and he put me on hold, and wanted to put me on air, and I said that was fine.  Stingray had not realized at first it was me, but the more I was talking, he figured it out.  It was a lot of fun!  Well after the show, I started to go through what I had recorded.  RealPlayer did not crap out as much as I thought.  Only a few songs had some gaps in them.  As I was listening to parts that I missed, I got humor from the fact Stingray mentioned me 2 times.  The first was when the DJ had asked them if they knew a Madd Martin (I sent an email to the DJ just to say hi to them for me).  The second time came when they were being asked questions, and one involved the state SlipKnot lived in.  I had been joking to them when I was out there that at some point I would attempt to get them a gig with SlipKnot, since I had known someone who had lived with them.  Haha, it was funny.  During this time, Jennifer wanted to come over and sleep on my couch or bed, which I said was fine.  She had gotten here and layed down in the bed while I continued to do my audio editing.  Wow there was a lot to do!  However, I finally broke everything down into wave track parts.  I also trimmed the parts that had dead air due to CrapPlayer.  All that is left is converting the files so they can be made into MP3.  Then, I can send them to Stingray and anyone else who might want them.  Well, shortly after, Sparky called me up.  He wanted to make a tape (like he always does), and I mentioned how it would be rude of me to leave Jennifer here.  However, she mentioned it would be okay, and I debated it for a short few, but she still gave the okay impression, so I decided to take my Moch 10 over there (I think he loves it the most of anyone minus myself).  I picked up a tape on the way at Walgreens, since Hy-Vee did not have any, and I could not find mine.  We made tapes, and I stayed out until 0537a.  Then, I came back, since Jennifer was to wake up at 0545a for class.  I got home, the alarm was going, but she was not up.  This proves that I must put the alarm on "definate wake" mode from now on for other people.  I use Banshee Screamer (best program so far for computer) and tack on Salamander Boss music.  This wakes me EVERY time.  If I have my computer volume up right, then no one sleeps through it.  I assure you that.  So she decided she was not going to class, and she said she was not going to be able to fall asleep, however, just lying in bed for four hours and not falling asleep, I am not sure how that is possible.  At one point, I fell her climb over me to leave, however, for ONCE I finally proke the spell, and I woke up around 1250p!!  WhooHoo!  I knew that game could not control me forever.  After doing some Star Kingdom work, I started to chat and what have you.  I started with a few people on my zero division debate which has come back after all these years.  I also got a little into dreams, since I had a crazy one last night.  It involved water, imagine that.  Also involved my "control" problems.  All it needed was a tornado and a trumpet.  It was me in an RPG, haha.  I look forward to putting that up on my site.  However, I want to totally redo the dream part, I do not like how it is done.  Oh oh!  That reminds me, I want to find those darn backgrounds for my psychological analasys so I can get that up and running!  I know a few people who were looking forward to that.

     I am in error on my prediction of two people I had met in a chat.  They are people who I have not really heard from.  While I realize that people get busy and what have you, when one meets a new Reality, and has an interest in that Reality, then you at least make a few attempts before "fading" them away.  I have studied this quite a bit in the past 5 or so years.  I had projected a few months for the two new Realities, however, it appears that it did not even go a week.  Well that just shows I have more to work on in my observational department.  Oh yeah, Maur is an ass, haha.  Thinking he could beat me in Tetris gameboy version, but not coming to meet my challenge.  Plus I think he is sleeping with Webster, the reason he would defend such a freak. Who makes up a book with definitions of words and references a definition of a word with the same damn word? (Bomb: hurl bombs at or on) Plus he is arguing about my font.  What a toad, haha!!
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