July 17th, 2001


Life & Death...

     I knew something was funny when I heard my cell phone ring last night.  I mean, my calls were not forwarded, then, I find out mother was calling me.  Mother... oh dear, I had a bad feeling when she called me.  I guess because I do not hear from her much, and my gut instinct when to sitting down when she said she had some news for me.  Seems grandpa had a stroke.  Oh that nerve racking feeling that falls into my gut.  I mean, he has been through a lot.  Stokes, heart attacks.  But I guess I am more unsettled about this than I have been in the past.  Mother told me that doctors have been giving him stress tests since an artery in him is 90 percent blocked.  THe fact she said if they operate on him now that he would not make it, well, that just racked my brains.  At least he is stable for now, but I guess they are going to operate on him some time in the future, like 1 - 2 weeks.  My prayers go out to him.  May God look over his gental soul.

     Thoughts of having a kid are going predominately strong.  I have been thinking of the fact I may be a "father" much sooner than I could have anticipated.  However, I may go a different route than plain adoption.  I am not sure yet, more research for me to look up.

     Imagine me being up this early.  I guess I can no longer call it early, since it has become routine.  I think I am going to make attempts to catch up to all older email I have.  I was cleaning my computer up last night, and freed up around 2 GB on my computer.  Happy for Madd.
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The journey outword...

[Madd's World Update]
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     Wow, I have run across quiet a few people on here now.  Just seeked me out... er... well, I guess technically, I found them out by randomly looking at what people write and randomly posting comments, just to see what I get.  I got a few interesting things, including a nice visit to my Guest Book on my page, which made me happy.  Heck, I was even compared to Socrites.  I think that was an honor, even if not meant so at the time.  Plus I finally have my personality analyzer completed for my web page!  All that is required now is proper background effects.

     Oh yeah!  I created a community for people in Iowa, around the Des Moines area.  If you check my info, you should see I am a member of desmoines.  Not ONLY am I a member, I am the president!  I have always wanted to be able to legistically say that.  Well, I should go put my mind out, it is on fire.
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