July 16th, 2001


Objects in head are closer to read

     My overall mood yesterday was pretty blissful.  I just had this wonderful glow on my, and I am not all sure of the reason at this time.  My calls even went better, minus the last call, but that was okay.

     I had fun at Myles' yesterday.  I watched Shrek.  That was a rather amusing movie.  Myles had to crash early, which is his usual self, unfortunately.  But he does work at 0700a.  I am not ready for that.  As I was there, I came to a realization.  I really would not require a woman in my life, because I can have kids through adoption.  So I will start researching that on the web.

     So, I went to bed around 0300a or something later, and what time would Madd wake up?  Aye, 1100a.  This is starting to get spooky.  This time, I obeyed the game.  I went and played it, and I finally got my guy up to level 74.  Unfortunately, I forgot to switch my party around and move the battle speed to slow, so, I was still murdered.  Blah.  FFIV has to be the hardest of all FF games.  It is too bad they went more for fancy looks, and gave up on complexity of bosses.  The other FF games have huge "weapon" bosses now that are near impossible to beat when first encountered, unless modifications have been made on the game.

     I did some work on my web page, however, it is not uploaded for viewing yet.  I will start posting when I made updates so people do not have to keep checking and there be nothing new.  I did notice that two new people have posted in the Guest Book, which made me happy.  For what reason it would is beyond me.

     The pain!  If I do not go eat, I am going to fall over, this sucks, pain, go, away.
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