July 12th, 2001


Your serve...


     WhooHoo!!  FINALLY!  Someone who has seen Phenomenon. I never thought I would see the day.  I mean, it helps describe my mentality at times.  George Malley is "given" a wounderous power, as it would be, and as a result, his mind is racing with more information than he can share with.  WhooHoo, just like Madd!  Also just like Madd, George is misunderstood by many people.  Just like Madd, George has an ability to manipulate time and space (only his is ability is done through trick photography).  Unlike Madd, George is going after a woman.  Madd has come to the realization that it is just not worth it.

The new Reality

     Well, it was fun chatting with my new friend, who found me out.  I give an estimate of four months before it turns into drive by chatting.  This one is a little bit more strong spirited, and has a larger diversity than most, so, she should last longer than the others.  Where is Stingray?  Damnit, I miss him, and now that I have the final link of the pSyChO cIrCuS, his presence is requested.


     Haha, I just realized how drunk I was last night.  Wow, that was messed up.  It was so wonderful to see Chrys again, I never would have imagined to find Chrys working at the Perkins I go to.  I am not sure if a phone number was written in big block letters or if I dreamed that, seeing as how I do not see a number lying around anywhere in my car.

Dreaming of you

     Ask and you shall recieve, I finally had a dream I can remember to write down and submit onto my web page with the rest of the insanity stuck there.  That reminds me, I have neglected my page long enough, so, I should update it some time tonight after my walk with Jennifer.  I crashed at her place last night, she can be so silly at times.

Looking back

     I think back to what my grandfather said when I was on the couch, waking up from when I had passed out while watching Fantastic Voyage.  He is a wise man, this much is true.  He was talking about holding grudges, and how he use to be a vein man (which I do remember) and how he changed his ways, which I have seen.  It made me think of how someone can do something to me, and I hold it in my mind for almost infinity.  He talked about how ever now and then one has to look back and re-evaluate one's life, and I did agree, and I think I started talking a step in that direction.  Looking at my life and re-coding it.  I had slowed down in the re-coding process, however, it has picked up to almost full speed.  He just a lot of things that hit right at home, in my own Reality.  I should stop holding things against friends, with the realization of just how human some humans are.  Also, I should look more as to what on-line friends really are, just people I chat with, and that they see me as the same, meaning, that I will get lower priority, which would be expected.  If that on-line person does see it as different, then him/her and I should do something about it, and get together and hang out, or at least do something more than "waiting" for the other one to just show up.  Above all, Madd, never forget, to do onto other before they do onto you... er... no wait, that is not how that goes.  Oh yeah, do onto others as they do onto you, minus things that break any established Maddian laws, such as, no lying Madd.  I know, I know.  "Preaching" onto ears that already know the psalm.  That is one goffily spelled word.

The New Look
     I think this new look on my journal makes it slightly easier to read, but I could just be shmoking crack.  Haha... not.  Well, I think FFIV deserves some attention.  After all, since I got it, I have always woke up before 1100a, which is unheard of in my realm, so there can be only one explaination, eh?
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