July 8th, 2001


Notice to patients

     Ah, miss having music by my side.  One thing I will be happy about going back to my pad... music again.  Right now at aunt Becky's place.  The family reunion went well, however, I am on a time budget now, so this shall be brief.  About 90+ people showed up.  The food was good.  Everyone was, of course, calling me by the "forbidden" name, and my mini baseball game with the 2 7-9 year olds was cancelled due to rain.  Haha, the rain got a lot of people.  Also, the Kroeger curse struck as always, since I look EXACTLY like Father at his age, so, everyone knows who I am, and of these million some people, I know like 5.  Blah, that always un-nerved me when I was growing up.  All these old people would come up saying, "Hey, you must be Dick's boy".  Er, at the time, I was just spastic about that, since I had no idea how they knew this information.  On the bright side, I have pictures that show me in the Vietnam war :D

     Well, I guess I should go.  No adding more interests, or reading people's bio's, or entries, or anything else like that.  Too bad, oh well... I will get to it some time... Tuesday. Peace out...
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