July 6th, 2001


SPF negative 15

     Ouch... heh heh.  Burn on Madd, literally.  Well, the trip was a nice 2.5 hour drive that seemed to be about 30 minutes.  Some times modern technology truly is modern, and wonderous.  I made it to Davenport around 1220a.  Father was here, and had food about ready.  Yummy!  Pork chops.  I can always be assured food when I am in the presence of family.  So, flipping through the digital sat stations, ran across "The Three Kings".  I was always curious about the movie, however, after watching it, wow, it was a lot better than I could have predicted.  A most excellent movie.  Clooney acts his usual self.  It is like watching him from other movies go into this movie.  I wonder if he is that way in real life.  So, after seeing nothing else was going to be on, and the food was eaten, it was time to call it a night.

     I woke up first around 0800a.  Even in a place I have been quite a few times, my body still has that strange "different environment" thing going on.  Haha, my body is not use to that, and that much I know for sure.  It was not too much time passing and I went over to fix my dad's friend computer.  Some simple little parlor tricks for me to preform, and he makes me sound like some sort of great computer god or something.

     So... like, we went out golfing.  Kenny, the friend of father, went with us.  It is interesting listening to them talk.  They would mention "well-built" women, and their breast size, and other things as such.  I found the conversations interesting.  I see how I started to slightly turn to a similar side, only not as "vocal" about it.  Now, I see a much calmer side.  That is good.  I like being in control of my mind.  So... like, totally, I went out, and it only took me three minutes to figure out that you just step on the gas of the cart and it moves.  Also, this was the first time since... um... I think Sunday, that I drank alcohol.  I had three beers while we were playing.  I was starting to wonder about my excessive increase in drinking.  Glad to have that also in control now.  My game really sucked, even though after a few holes I got my drive going.  I figured out after a while that I was slicing everything horribly to the right on my drive.  I could have used that on the last hole when I was hitting it after driving it.  Also, I lost a few balls, haha!  Stupid creeks... what are they doing there anyway?  Also all three of us hit the cornfield on that one hole.  That was humorous, and BEFORE I figured out that I was slicing to the right (which is where it was).  So after that, we headed back to Kenny's, and that is when I realized that not being in the sun for 2 years had caught up to me.  I have some nice re4d on the back of my neck, and also my arms.  Some of my legs are looking a bit red also, but not as much as I would have thought when I realized I was burnt.  Played pool.  Wow... my first game was the most horrible game I have ever played since like '93 or something like that.  Ironically enough, overall, I caught up, and this was my best win average against both my father and Kenny.  I should get out more in the sun.  I should hit the billards more also.  So right now, I see that the AIM on father's computer is messing my whole list up.  I hope it does not carry over when I make it back to Des Moines.

     Wow... I am not use to viewing these entries in 800 x 600.  It is amazing anyone reads this at all, but as the most wonderful Lacy Jane is indicating, some people do read, and ask lots of questions.  Questions are good.  I miss being in chats with people who ask me lots of questions.  Looks like I am being dragged into the river now.  Guess I should go, haha.
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