July 5th, 2001


A Big Book for Big Fans

     Nut bunnies.  I spent all that time last night, got my 30+ hours on Gradius III, and nothing new came of it.  That makes me sad.  I have no clue how to get those other two secert levels!!  Booooooo.  My 4th was... well... it was another day, except, that I was getting paid twice as much to be at work (actually, more than that, since it was a full 8 hours and not my usual 4 hour shift).  You know, as I sit here nekkid, getting ready not only for work, but to go out of town, I cruise around the interests (which I should remember to update some time soon). I clicked on Iowa, saw a few people had that interest, and low and behold... only one of the people there that I was looking around at, minus myself, were not even in Iowa.  Some were nowhere close to living in Iowa.  I just do not understand, so, I think I messaged one of them on ICQ.  The other thing I noticed was the large number of people who had "sex" as an interest.  Blah... this sex saturated world can really be frustrating at times.  Oh well, I will not let that get to me right now.  Actually, I have noticed of late my sex drive is almost not existing.  I have stopped fantasizing about sex for a long time, and I have not had the urge to be sexually active for a while either.  I wonder if I should be concerned.

     I actually do not have a whole lot to say at this time.  Yeah, imagine that.  Oh, it was nice to hear from the Ice Queen™ again.  I have not spoken to her in a long time.  I still owe her dinner for the legal work she helped me with way back when.  It is some times nice knowing laywers, they can find legal information for you.  She helped change my life, I owe her so much.  Maybe I will repay her by getting her a candy bar...

     I look forward to going back to Eastern Iowa.  I do not remember the last time was that I went back, and father is already eager, with his talk of all these things we could do.  Haha, I shall beat his ass at pool!  Glad I was able to get Monday off, that means that I have Friday through Tuesday off.  Er, at least, I am assuming I have Tuesday off, haha.  I did not have it off yesterday... or, the day before, man, what is happening to my concept of time?  Guess I had more to say than I thought.  Oh yeah, it was as slow as I thought at work yesterday, however, it also had some fast parts towards the end.  Also, the customers were not all as nice as I had expected.  People are getting more cynical.  More people I see just up and leave friends, get angry for the sake of getting angry, and treat others of mallice a lot more easier as the days go by.  I guess it is time for me to search inside for that one guy who promotes well-being on this planet, and start spreading joy in the world.  The planet really could use a lot of it.  Someone has to do it... oh, I could use some help.  Not all of my "personalities" share the views that one guy does.
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