July 1st, 2001


Going into business surplus sale

     Well, more information for me to learn about at work.  The possibility of me leaving Des Moines is slim at this time.  The only one or two jobs that I would want, that would end up relocating me, are far away.  However, I decided that I would put in my transfer requests incase something over there happens.  So there is always a possibility I could end up in Colorado.  This is all information I found out last night.  My buddy and I had a nice chat last night in regards to where Qwest is going.  I am going to shoot for one of the first classes for training, for that is what I wish.

     I had a lot of fun last night.  The quickest way is not through my heart, nor my stomach like I originally had thought.  It is through my mind, and that works best, as I see, through video games.  Maybe I should start hanging out at the local nickle arcade so that I can meet people who will be able to amuse and humor me.  dITZ was a quick pass out, and I do not care if I showed up later than she expected, Jenny was more than able to stay up playing Mario Party with me for a while.  That was fun.  I ended up passing out, so I stayed over there.  Tigger, one of many pets there, decided that he was going to keep me company around 0900a while I was attempting to sleep.  That silly cat.  Talk about someone who wanted tons of attention, and of course, I was more than happy to give it to him.  I started to miss my own, Wiskers.  I wish I had more than one picture of Wiskers.  I think I am going to find it and scan it in.  Well, at one point, as Tigger was "following" me on the couch, it was like he gazed into my eyes like I was his lover, and then he kissed me (on the chin).  hEhEhE!!  I did not have the heart to explain to him that I was of a similar gendar.  Then again, I never really did check for the sex of the cat.  It was not of any concern to me anyway.  I continue to explore this strange effect I have on animals and small rugrats. Some day I might figure it out.

     I went to work yesterday and saw that yet again, I got digged for being two minutes late the day before.  Now is not the time for me to mess up, or I will lose my job for sure, so, on that note, I should go.
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