June 29th, 2001


To move or not to move...

     Maybe I am more nervous than anything. I imagine all that I have been through in my life, and every anxious moment I have had, I can feel it all bundled up inside me. Or maybe it is worried. After all, I could be losing my job.

     Well, yesterday at work they gave us the news. The RCA position, my job title, was surplus to Qwest. This means that there shall no longer be an RCA, which means my current job is going into the transission of gone. They say this change is good, since the job of the RCA is going to combine into the job of Screening. A Screener, for those not familiar with how a phone company works, takes the tickets I create (the RSA) and sends them to a computer system (also a Screener, just not human, kind of like our CEO). If the computer system is unable to figure out the problem, or, if I specifically tell the system I want a person to see it, then it goes to a Screener. The Screener will them analyze the ticket, and determine what has to be done, and where it goes. This is a pay scale move from scale 7 to scale 4. This means that I would be getting an increase in pay by quiet a bit. It also means my part time days would be over, as I would be wanting to go back to full time. However, there is uncertainty. There is a test required. That test you take determines if you can be a Screener. They do not want, for the most part, a monkey flipping switches in the central office switching equipment. Understandable. Another thing noted, is that RSAs will be allowed unlimited transfer options. This is where the big question for me comes into play, and possibly what concerns me the most. Qwest covers 14 states. Some jobs, like computer analysis that I may want, are not located in Iowa. That would mean, that finally, after 26+ years, I could be leaving the state. I love Iowa, I really do. However, I have though how many times I would just like to get away from everyone and up and start over. I have not had a chance to start over. Here I can take my chance. I am shaking just thinking about all of this. I am not sure what I want to do. I do not wish to make the wrong decission. If I move, I am assured the ability to see my family will drop to almost nothing. At least now I still have access to father's side and a few of mother's side. Anywhere else that I would relocate to would mean almost certain departing from quick trips back home. I am a family oriented person, depsite the fact I am single, never been married, no kids, and no prospects at this certain time. I am doing my best to cloud my mind, and not think about it, however, at this time it has the same effect as me not hearing Pink Floyd that someone might play in the background. I know one thing, it will take a lot of research for me to look into. Lots of time that I once used to lounge around and do nothing. Yet more responsibility for me to play with. Plus, maybe it is time I take a trip over to my universe, so I can sit there on the swing set and chat with God about what I should do.
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