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Skype Correction / MSN-AIM chatting info

Well, it is more a change than a correction. I decided since I could not use madd74 as my user name, that I would use as my user name (causing less confusion... at least to me). It did not click with me that a period could be used when I was signing up a name. Sooo...

Anyone who wants to chat with me, feel free to drop a line on Skype, or for anyone using MSN, I also have that logged into my phone. My AIM is set up through my phone, so feel free to drop me a line.

I am going to work to be more available, do keep in mind that it is dependant on how busy I am or am not at work and the like. Also, since I cannot "see" if people are online or not on AIM, if I am not by my phone, I may not resond as often (unless I know you have your AIM set to auto forward to your cell if you are not around).
Tags: im, skype

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